Download Hexapolis: Turn based strategy Mod APK 0.3.5 (Unlimited Gold, Diamonds, Items, Purchased)

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Come to Hexapolis Mod to become the leader of a tribe. With a series of quests taking place, revolving around the themes of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and destruction. This is a strategy game, combined with turn-based gameplay. Here, you will have to participate in the wars between the tribes. Fight against other tribes to build structures. Aim to develop a powerful empire. To bring an interesting experience when participating in the game. NO GAMES developer offers a lot of unique features. Help you freely explore, as well as freely build an ancient civilization. Lots of tribal warriors, possessing many different fighting styles. Along with buildings so you can build a strong empire.

Download Hexapolis Mod – Unique Turn-Based Strategy Game

The gameplay of Hexapolis Mod takes place in a turn-based tactical style. As a leader, you will have to perform a lot of different jobs. With the goal of building a strong empire. Although not the person directly performing the action. However, you hold the executive power, so you will have to put the most suitable tactics. From building structures on the territory you manage. Until the recruitment of warriors to fight other tribes. We still have to find a way to exploit as many resources as possible. For the purpose of upgrading, as well as recruiting warriors. A series of missions take place, requiring a leader to be very good. Can lead his tribe to become strong. Make all other tribes fear before the strength of the brave warriors in the tribe.Game Hexapolis Mod

In battle, smart strategy, results

Starting the game Hexapolis Mod you will own small territory. This place is quite wild, there is no sign of development. Your task is to exploit resources. As well as exploring the territory to start construction. In each war that takes place, requires very high strategy. To be able to win, you need to build many buildings. Expand your territory and exploit many resources. At the same time, open wars to defeat the forces of other tribes. Making them unable to achieve good efficiency in the mining process. As well as being behind in development, giving you an advantage. After the match is over. The outcome of the war is based on area, combat, and economic parameters. Everything will be shown through the number of crowns achieved.Tai Hexapolis Mod

Many constructions and upgrades

Hexapolis Mod provides a lot of different constructions. Includes houses, bakeries, castles, farms, barracks, and more. Each building assumes a separate role in the combat construction system. For example, a bakery is a place to provide food, housing can increase the number of people. Our barracks are areas where soldiers can be recruited. Help your tribe be protected from invaders. As well as fighting to expand the territory. Besides construction, you also need to focus on upgrading buildings. Because over time growing, so that the tribe becomes stronger. Construction works are one of the very important factors. After being upgraded, will achieve higher efficiency. Small as a farm, after upgrading, will produce more output.Download Hexapolis Mod

Warriors have different styles

The warriors in the tribe are one of the main forces. They play a very important role in the process of building and exploiting resources. Don’t just defend your territory from other tribes. You can control the warriors to attack the enemy. With the purpose of expanding the territory to develop your own empire. At Hexapolis Mod, there are many warriors with unique fighting styles. These include knights, archers, defenders, and mages. There are many other warriors with combat abilities waiting for you to discover. Each warrior can deal damage to enemies in different ways. Also go through the battles, after upgrading the barracks. The level of the warriors will increase, as well as the damage done.Hexapolis Mod

The graphics of Hexapolis Mod are designed in 2D. Image quality is quite plain, not sharp and vivid. Along with unique simulated constructions. Combine diverse environments, with different locations. Typical areas of the desert, the forest, the arctic region, and the sea. In particular, the game focuses mainly on the gameplay and the construction process. So you can still feel the excitement in the battle. The sound effects shown through the musical notes are quite interesting.

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