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Hero Wars Mod is a popular idle action game on the phone. It will bring you into the hero’s endless battle journey as they fight the darkness. You will lead them by forming a squad of the most iconic heroes and bring them to the battlefield. Great battles with beautiful effects will make you fall in love. But to win, you need a wise strategy. Gather powerful generals, combine them and upgrade non-stop. There are hundreds of missions in many modes for you to freely test your squad. Besides, you can compete with online enemies in real-time modes.

Download Hero Wars Mod – Long battle against darkness

This game is built with the typical plot. It is a battle between the righteous hero and the dark forces. The world is engulfed in flames and demonic domination. So the heroes are summoned again to liberate the land of Dominion and ultimately bring peace to all mankind. This plot is clearly shown through the missions in the campaign mode. The core of the quests is typical idle wars. You will gather heroes to fight, win rewards and continue your battle journey. Don’t miss the hero upgrade to improve your strength.


Gather heroes into the squad

Before each battle, your task is to recruit the right heroes into the squad. Initially, you do not need to do this because there is only one hero to choose from. But later on, you can unlock dozens of new generals of different systems. You can find archers, magicians, knights, and more. Each hero has a different appearance and skills. So be careful when you choose someone to join the battle squad. Selected heroes can support each other in battles to create powerful combos. It is the basis for you to defeat the enemy army from demons to bosses and hell monsters. The formation of the squad will take place throughout your experience. Depending on the type of enemy, you should have your own strategies.


Join idle matches

The game has 3 main modes, including Campaign, PvP, and Grand Arena. The campaign mode is built according to the main plot of the game. It includes hundreds of level-based missions with increasing difficulty. You will have the opportunity to encounter hundreds of different types of enemies, including huge Bosses. They will help you train and improve your combat experience. Meanwhile, the other two modes are real-time battlefields. You will have interesting online battles here. You can make friends with like-minded players to take part in large-scale clan quests. The game has a great ranking system to carve your trophies and reputation.

Regardless of the mode, master the principles to win in Hero Wars Mod. After forming the squad, your job is to bring them to the battlefield and join the battle. You do not need to manipulate too much because the heroes will automatically attack the target. When one of the heroes reaches maximum energy, simply tap the corresponding character card to deploy special skills. The skill will vary depending on the hero and will take a certain amount of time to cool down. Therefore, you also need to consider when to use it to gain an advantage over the enemy army.


Upgrade your way

Your army of heroes will not automatically get stronger, you need to upgrade them. There are quite a few ways to upgrade, typically upgrading the Level of each hero. You just need to use gold coins to take the hero to a new level. But your army has dozens of different heroes, so you need to consider spending on upgrades. Besides, you can add the necessary equipment for the hero. Each hero has up to 6 gear slots to add weapons, armor, shields, gauntlets, and other enhancements. After a certain number of upgrades, you will see heroes significantly improved in both appearance and skills.


Realistic and vivid 2D design

This game owns a 2D design platform. However, it still very vividly depicts every image from the character to the battlefield context. The hero system is carefully polished from appearance to skill effects. You will feel their temperament in every battle with the devil. The battles really explode with eye-catching effects and vivid sound. The arena context changes flexibly through the game screen. The enemy system is also becoming more and more diverse.

If you love the idle action RPG style, don’t miss Hero Wars Mod. It is an interesting game that allows you to experience a great battle journey. Join the most powerful heroes to conquer every war with the devil and protect the world. The further you go, the more surprises await you ahead.

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