Hempire Mod APK 2.16.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Keys, VIP Unlocked)

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Hempire Mod will challenge your management talent when owning a cannabis business. You will grow a variety of grasses and sell them to addicts for a profit. It only takes a small lab office for you to breed hundreds of new varieties of cannabis plants. But you will need a secret farm big enough to grow and produce the amount of cannabis to meet the growing demand of real customers. You will own a city when you become the biggest seller of marijuana here. Do not hesitate to expand your business model to many new areas such as restaurants or real estate. You can also compete with other players in many special events. Play your way to becoming the leader of the cannabis trend.

Download Hempire Mod – Own a cannabis production business

Growing and selling cannabis is your main job in this game. It’s a super profitable but risky business. Hempire will get you through what’s going on through a few initial tutorials. But if you master them all, you can manage and decide your own botanical business. You will start with growing cannabis strains, then process them and sell them to customers. Money will automatically add to your account and make you rich soon. But things do not go so smoothly, you will face many challenges in the process of managing your business. Moreover, upgrade and expand your business properly to really master the cannabis city here.


Create new varieties of cannabis

Starting with a few basic cannabis strains, you can generate profits to continue running your business. With that profit, let’s continue to invest further in the cannabis farm by breeding new varieties of plants. Just combine any two plants and add the necessary spices to create new cannabis with better properties. Hybrid cultivars often have outstanding characteristics such as fast growth rate and short harvest time and can easily survive in the conventional laboratory and farm environments. Besides, with new varieties of cannabis, you can reach many new types of customers, including VIP customers.

Also, don’t forget to take care of your farm every day. Many farming equipments will need repairs and upgrades over time. The farm size also needs to be expanded to grow more cannabis, meeting the growing customer demand. You can also unlock many new plant varieties to continue to breed and refresh the “menu” of the business. With faster and faster progress, you will soon own a real cannabis empire and a huge fortune. But you won’t be immune to competition from other cannabis businesses. You need a strategy to get ahead and beat them, thereby attracting loyal customers and taking your business further into the future.


Unlimited business expansion

Hempire Mod allows you to experience what really goes on in the cannabis business. More than just breeding plants in the lab or growing and selling cannabis to a few special people, you can create many new products to reach a larger customer base. Accordingly, you can add cannabis to cookies, macaroons, and many other pastries and put them in bakeries in the city. Or you will unlock and manage disguised restaurants to bring cannabis to people in a smarter way. This can help drive quick profits.

Also, you are not just the boss of a cannabis empire, think of other profitable business models. For example, you will invest your income in local businesses and real estate. You can renovate your town with new buildings, repair the streets, and upgrade the facilities to form the basis for building an entire herb empire there. Do not hesitate to chat and deal with local residents to better understand their wishes. Because you need everyone’s companionship to develop your business smoothly.


Compete with friends online

The game features dozens of unique events, most notably the Hempire Cup, for you to play and compete with many other players around the globe. You can invite friends to your cannabis business to chat, tour, and share resources. At the same time, you can also participate in online leaderboards to compete with others with your level and assets. This game has a whole community of cannabis business lovers for you to interact with.

What will you do to become the Great King of the cannabis business? Download now Hempire Mod to your phone to know what you should do to achieve it. You will own the cannabis business and grow it into the biggest herb empire in the city. And what you get is a huge fortune including houses, cars, and beneficial relationships.

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