Helix Jump 3.5.5 Unlimited Money

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Helix Jump (Mod, Unlimited Money), a game in the category of Entertaining Games, is being loved by a lot of young people today. Coming to this game, Helix Jump, you will receive a task that is skillfully controlling the jumping ball in the game so that the ball can overcome the obstacles and reach the destination below! The game with very simple but equally interesting gameplay is waiting for you to join.

About Helix Jump 

Helix Jump Mod Apk is a simple game released by Voodoo, a publisher known for its simple, addictive, and different games from other games on the market today. And this is also their most successful special release by many players. It seems that this publisher has a lot of unique ideas with balls as their collection of games is mostly related to the ball. There are a few prominent names like Twisty Road!, Fire Up, or Splashy. Let’s start learning about this interesting game right now!

Interesting Gameplay

In Helix Jump, you will control a ball that continuously bounces, by swiping left or right on the screen to control the pillar, so that the ball goes through the slot of many floors and until the last floor will end. You will encounter countless traps that are rocks of different colors; if you let your orb touch them, you will lose. The higher the level, the faster and faster the difficulty and speed and the traps.

And beware, there will be random items appearing to help you get through the floors quickly.

At the end of the level, you will receive gold and be allowed to participate in the new level with more challenges. You can use gold to unlock more beautiful sphere shapes and the ball’s bouncing effect.

Increasing Difficulty

As the game progresses, the levels of difficulty will increase because the maze moves faster, with more obstacles and more danger. Therefore, you will have a lot of trouble getting the ball to the finish, and you have to make the most of your dexterity and quick reflexes.

Helix Jump gives you both uncomfortable and interesting feelings. It will make you want to conquer this game intensely. There are times when you will have to feel uncomfortable when many times to lose while only a little more is through the screen. Play as much as you can, create a record score and challenge your friends in this game.

Unlock New Balls and Effects

In addition to the default ball, Helix Jump has many other colorful balls that you can unlock. To unlock them, you have to regularly play lots of points so that you can earn a lot of money to buy items in the game.

Download Helix Jump APK for Android

Helix Jump has simple graphics with bright colors; the interface is easy to see and easy to grasp. The orb shape is varied by how you unlock them with the gold collected in the game. When they fall through many floors at once, their speed will be faster and will break a floor if they fall.

The simple sound consisting only of the bouncing of the ball is funny, the sound of the ball passing through each floor.

Helix Jump is completely downloadable and free to play on all devices. However, during the game, you can often be bothered by videos or advertising banners of the publisher. Therefore, you can download and use the MOD version of this game provided by us. With Unlimited Money, Skin Unlock, and Premium unlock, you can customize to unlock balloons with outstanding colors and especially will not be bothered by ads anymore.

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