Helicopter Escape 3D Mod APK 1.11.3 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Become a hostage rescuer in the action game Helicopter Escape 3D Mod. Your mission is to kill the zombies to help the hostages run away. Through the equipped guns, attack from the helicopter. With the goal of stopping zombies from chasing survivors. The game opens up dramatic battles. Requires precise attack skills of the player. Successfully protect the hostages from the deadly pursuit. The battles take place at different levels of play. Combined with a vivid 3D environment. Along with the shooting scenes in the attractive 3rd person perspective. With a simple, intuitive control mechanism. Help players easily control, as well as perform attacks. Promises to bring exciting hostage rescue battles.

Download Helicopter Escape 3D Mod – Help Survivors Escape from Zombie Chase

The appearance of zombies in the world of Helicopter Escape 3D Mod. Making human life on the verge of extinction. The lucky survivors are trying to run away from the Zombies. They are constantly looking for survivors to attack. Receive urgent help from people who are on the run. You equip your weapon to step into a helicopter, which is piloted by a teammate. Move to the designated location to pick up survivors. In the process, you will have to support them to escape from the pursuit of zombies. Use weapons to attack from the plane. Try not to let the undead capture the people. Successfully pick them up from the dangerous area to complete the mission.Helicopter Escape 3D Mod

The task, the process taking place

The mission system of Helicopter Escape 3D Mod takes place according to each level of play. With action shooting style gameplay. Under the third view from the helicopter looking down. Your mission is to help the people flee from the pursuit of the Zombies. By attacking to destroy all zombies that are chasing behind. When people jump on helicopters safely. You will complete the task, and at the same time receive the reward. Then will start entering the hostage rescue battle in the next level. The difficulty of the game will be changed, getting harder every time you step into a new level. Not only the number of Zombies more than before. But also appeared many new enemies. Those with faster running speed can keep up with people’s running speed.Ear Helicopter Escape 3D Mod

Various enemies, each with their own abilities

During the hostage rescue battles in Helicopter Escape 3D Mod. You will have to help the hostages flee from the pursuit of many different enemies. In addition to scary zombies, also encounter gangsters, henchmen. There is even the appearance of green giants. Each type of enemy has its own ability, their running speed is not the same. What’s more, sometimes you will have to face enemies with the ability to attack. They can use guns to return fire, putting you in danger. Along with that, each type of enemy has different stamina. For example, zombies can be easily destroyed, because the health index is quite poor. In contrast, the green giants, their size corresponds to their defensive ability. Withstands more damage than Zombies.Game Helicopter Escape 3D Mod

Improve skills, take advantage

Throughout the zombie attack to assist the hostages to escape. Players need to improve their skills to be able to shoot accurately. Combined environmental observations take place during the war. Because each level of play of Helicopter Escape 3D Mod will open a different terrain. A quick observation, taking advantage of the items around the terrain. Can help you kill a large number of enemies at once. For example, barrels of kerosene, which can create a large explosion. Flexible combination of observation and shooting skills. As soon as the enemy runs, quickly hits the kerosene tank. From there, it is possible to create an explosion to deal extensive damage. Causes all enemies in the explosion area to be destroyed.Download Helicopter Escape 3D Mod

Possessing a diverse gun system, players can use it in many battles. For example SMG guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols. Or even heavy rocket launchers. Each gun of Helicopter Escape 3D Mod has a different attack style. To be able to rescue the hostages from the chase. You need to equip guns with high damage. Especially in some extreme boss levels. You need to use the right gun to be able to destroy the boss. After completing the task, you will receive a reward. From there, it can be used to upgrade guns or unlock a new gun.

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