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If you love tower defense games, then Grow Castle is a great choice for you. The gameplay requires strategic thinking that changes according to the game. Players need to perform 2 jobs at the same time. It’s the goalkeeper and the counterattack. Stand in front of the enemy’s stormy attacks. Surely you will not be worried and nervous. Be very calm, control the situation of the match. Arrange the formation to prevent attacks from the enemy, protect the safety of the stronghold. Place heroes in different locations. Especially in areas where enemies appear. You can also use defensive towers to increase your defenses even more. Over time the enemy will become stronger, the number is much larger. Upgrade your castle to a higher level. To reduce damage from enemies.

Download Grow Castle MOD – Build a castle defense strategy

Grow Castle MOD has different levels of play for those who are new to the game. Choose the level of difficulty you want to experience. You will be familiar with the gameplay, how to build tactics when entering the game. To improve your thinking and strategic ability. Players need to actively participate in the competition with other opponents. Learn more new fighting styles, unpredictable changes. Tactics are the most important factor determining your victory. But heroes are also a factor that pushes victory closer to you. So please take care of the hero upgrade. When reaching higher levels. Especially when facing the final boss. The upgrade will become very important. Build a transformative strategy suitable for each round. Smash all attacks from the enemy.

Grow Castle mod

Hero character

Grow Castle MOD has more than 120 different heroes for you to choose from. I cannot name all the heroes in this article. Because each hero will have a unique characteristic, strength, weakness, etc… All information is already available in the game. What you need to do to better understand the characters is to download the game and find out. I can name some of the most iconic, powerful, and popular heroes. FIRE MAGE, ELF, HUNTER, ICE MAGE, ORGE, PRIEST. These are the special names that I am referring to. For these characters. When entering the game in the hero section. You will easily find these names. Because the number of users in the battle was too large.

Game Grow Castle mod hack

Newbie mode

Grow Castle MOD has a mode specifically for those who are new to the game. Because when you are new to the game, you may not know too much about the gameplay and knowledge of this game genre. Don’t worry in battle mode the challenges won’t be too difficult for you to overcome. The battles are quite simple. There weren’t too many giant bosses attacking. With small armies. You only need to arrange a small number of heroes to be able to destroy all enemies. Stand in front of the enemy’s stormy attacks. If you can defend, quell the invasion plot of the enemy. Then you can immediately organize a counter-attack. Attack back to the enemy’s kingdom. If successful you will have control of that kingdom. Thus, there is a new land for you to rule.

Game Grow Castle mod apk


There are many things for you to upgrade in the game. Castle and Archer are two important categories that must be upgraded in the game. By going through rounds, the enemy is much stronger. More than that, you will have to face the final boss of the match. This boss has terrible attack power. The defense is awesome. If you do not upgrade the hero, the defense towers. Then with the attack power of the boss. In just a few seconds your stronghold will be completely destroyed. Therefore, upgrade your heroes, castles, and defense towers to a higher level. Increase your attack power and defense and you will win. Besides Skill, Treasure, EXP are also categories that need to be upgraded.

Game Grow Castle mod

Grow Castle is really gameplay worth playing for those who love strategy games. The important thing is that this gameplay is completely free. It doesn’t cost you to play the game like some other tower defense gamers. The same goes for the mod version of the game. Completely free and especially not harmful to your phone. Please rest assured when downloading the mod version of the game on the website MODLH. vn. Download Grow Castle MOD to take control, take over other castles.

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