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Nowadays games are mostly focused on making players feel refreshed from the first enjoyment. Such games can only be played and feel interesting for a short period of time, that’s what today’s game brings. But not all games are like that; of which the most obvious is the GRIS game – a game that directs the player’s emotion. When you come to this game, players will feel many different emotions of the characters in the game. Can say this is not a game but a great artwork for players to enjoy.

In life, no one is immortal; everyone will one day be returned to the motherland forever. But some die even if they are alive, i.e. die from their soul. They may be living, but in some aspect, they no longer know what the joy of life is, no different than dying. Players will follow Miss Gris in a journey of self discovery to revive themselves from the death that comes within. Players will accompany her on their voice search journey and use it to rescue all those who share the same fate.

Feature Characteristics

The mystery comes from the plot

Opening the game, players saw the picture of Gris standing on the hands of a female statue, but then it was broken. She fell into an endless space where everything was destroyed to start her journey here. Players will see that in this world, there is no trap or monsters for players to fight. All the game has, it’s an endless grey and the loneliness covers Gris and the game players. The game doesn’t have any voice of the characters so when playing the game the player won’t know the exact storyline of the game. As a result, players can build their own story so that they can enjoy the game by

Journey to find her voice

Player’s mission when coming to the game is to help Gris find his voice. On this journey, there are no traps or anything that is dangerous to the player. All players need to do is collect the stars to match them into roads that help players go to the next location. Every time players come to a place containing sphere, players change the color of this world once to make it brighter.

Get over yourself

The high of the game is when the player gets to the final point of this journey and receives her voice. But by now, you were swallowed by a monster, and she woke up in a black mud ocean. She’s trying to swim to get out of here, but the monster won’t allow it to happen. She had to use her voice to wake up the statue and overcome the whole game challenge. No one knows what a monster is; maybe it’s the girl herself, representing a person’s negative emotion.


The graphics are the highlights of this game. It’s designed in minimalist style, focusing on the art of images and colors. It’s hard for me to put into words, but you’ll soon feel it.

One more thing is GRIS’s graphics aren’t just aesthetic. It also contributes to the expression of character’s affection. There are many details that prove it, such as giant girl statues, but eyes and minds are covered by clouds. Or the cold wind, blow the girl away when she has no clingy points.

How to install this game

If you encounter a black screen when you open the game, you may not have installed an OBB file. You should install the game by following the steps below:

Download APK and OBBB files through the link below the post.
Unstable com files. devolver. grispaid. zip.
Copy com folder. devolver. grispaid to Android / obb.
Install APK files.
If you’re having trouble installing this game, let us know by commenting below the post.

Download APK GRIS for Android (Latest Version)
GRIS on its first release received a 4,8 / 5 rating from players. I took a moment to read them, most of them think this game is well experienced and has a graphic background that impresses them. You’ll soon have the same feeling when Gris passes through different terrains and receives the world’s color-changing spheres. Is this transformation also a change of emotions of characters?

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