Grand War Mod APK 7.6.1 (Unlimited Money, Medal)

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Grand War Mod is a great sandbox strategy game inspired by the world set in the 18th century, the era of Napoleon. The glorious exploits of this king can be recreated here again, with your ingenious leadership. The game will challenge you with amazing missions on dozens of levels. Along with that, you will have the opportunity to transform into one of the most famous generals of all time in many different major countries. It is you who will change the history of the world with new strategies. You will control generals and upgrade and build your country and army, aiming for the great power that can conquer all of Europe. Are you ready to do it now?

Download Grand War Mod – Addictive war strategy gameplay

This game is built on the famous saying of Napoleon “I should have conquered the world”. It puts you in a similar position to Napoleon in the 18th century, when the world was plunged into chaotic wars from the Great Revolutionary War in France to the Battle of Waterloo. You were one of the leaders of a great nation at that time. Your mission is to protect your country, and at the same time aim to join the war to take power into your hands. You will lead your army to every place until you rule the whole world. It is the grandeur of this gameplay that makes the game one of the biggest and most addictive war games on mobile. Besides, it’s built in a sandbox world where your every decision counts.


Prepare for great wars

The game offers more than 50 levels with the biggest historical battles of different periods and countries. At each level, you need to complete a certain number of tasks to earn points and rewards, thereby upgrading and expanding your empire. Initially, you can choose the country you want to lead. Next, you need to build it to have enough potential for defensive and even invasion wars. Wars occur continuously in the world, putting every country in a state of readiness or perishing. So, what do you need to do to prepare for the big wars? There are many areas to consider for growth and you need to know what that is.

You need to focus on mining and producing resources, building profitable structures, and organizing and training soldiers. There are three important resource-building types: Wood Mining, Iron Mining, and Bank. You need to build, upgrade and protect them to boost the economy, thereby devoting resources to many other areas. Besides, researching new technology is equally important. You always need more efficient ways to improve production, mining, and combat. In particular, you need to prepare a powerful army of many different units. Use gold coins to invest in recruiting, training, and upgrading troops.


Join the strategic battle

Are you ready for the battle to come? Grand War Mod will not hesitate to take you into real wars recreated from the historical timeline. On the battlefield, you have control over your entire army depending on the battle situation. You will need to coordinate groups of cavalry, infantry, and artillery properly to counterbalance similar groups of troops from the opponent. Besides, you have to combine units together properly and orient their movements wisely. If you win, you will gain enemy resources and gain an advantage in the overall fight.

Besides, a powerful army also needs ingenious leadership from a good general. You can unlock top champions like Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher, Kutuzov, and more in your fight. Also, you need to upgrade them over time to improve stats and unlock new skills. And you cannot ignore the combination of generals, groups of troops, and weapons. There are dozens of weapons such as heavy Prussian cannons, guns, bombs, ammunition, and more to create tremendous destructive power on the battlefield.


Thorough and unique 2D design

The game will impress you with its extremely well-organized design style. It is inspired by the cultures of many countries around the world in the 18th century, where you see mighty and majestic royal armies. The battlefield map is extremely large and intuitive from a top-down perspective. The combat effects and background music are so eye-catching, which make you do not want to stop at all. Heroic tunes will also make you more excited.

Grand War Mod will not let you down with its classic sandbox strategy gameplay. It brings you into large-scale wars where strategy is everything. You will learn how to become a great general, just like Napoleon and many other famous generals. You will change the world in your own way. Can you rule the world with your royal army? Download the game to your phone and find the answer to your question.

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