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Genshin Impact is a vast world, you will travel through the seven kingdoms and meet companions with different unique personalities and abilities.
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6 tháng 11, 2020
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Genshin Impact is a new world adventure RPG developed by miHoYo. In the game you will explore a fantasy world called “TeyVat Continent”. A vast world, you will travel through the seven kingdoms and meet companions with different unique personalities and abilities. You will fight with them against extremely powerful enemies and together enter the path to find loved ones. Or you can immerse yourself in a world full of life to push yourself to discover all the secrets in this world until you reunite with your loved ones and witness the settling of everything at your final destination.

General information

People consider Genshin Impact as a milestone to end mobile game domination under Tencent for more than 4 years. Speaking of mobile games, many people will immediately think of Tencent and the dominance of this game in the global market. For years, Tencent’s game titles like Honor of Kings or PUBG Mobile have been leading the mobile game market in revenue.

The last time a mobile game could play Tencent’s dominion was Pokemon GO. It was released by Niantic in July 2016. And so far, after more than 4 years, there has been a name that has done it again. That’s Genshin Impact, the hottest game in the world at the moment.

Forbes, Genshin Impact has earned $ 145 million (mobile games only). This big turnover makes miHoYo’s products surpass Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile to lead global mobile game market in July. This is the milestone to end mobile game domination under Tencent for the past 4 years.

With $ 145 million in revenue in its first month, Genshin Impact has become the second-most successful mobile game in history after Pokemon GO with $ 283 million. Of course, the above numbers are just statistics on the mobile market. If both PC and Console market share is calculated, Genshin Impact has made more than $ 145 million. As of now, Genshin Impact can be confirmed as a successful game title. It’s the game world’s top customer eating phenomenon in 2020. Will it be maintained?

How to play Genshin Impact?

The story begins with two close brothers, and an unexpected incident happens. Two people must fight anonymously. Divided Goddess pushes the character of the lost player into the mysterious world of Tivat. You’ll become the main character in the story of the outside world into this continent. You will be free to travel in this big world, make friends and seek the seven Gods who hold the air until you meet your lost brother again.

Entering the big world that Genshin Impact offers players will turn into betting adventures, discovering with friends in a beautiful and lively world called Tivat. Players can choose a brother or brother character to make their journey. The game has an open world map. So gamers can comfortably explore every corner, full of fun that the game has to offer.

Players will explore this fascinating world through making moves like running, jumping, climbing, swimming or even flying in the air. Reasonably arranged navigation buttons make it easy for players to manipulate. One more thing next to you there will be a lovely Paimon. He is a soul mate, always supporting you in the difficult adventure ahead.

In the beginning, the character control manipulation is quite simple and convenient because you only own one main character. But then, after adding new members, forming a squad of four personal choice controls is reasonable for each challenge. Each battle requires high skill and knowledge of the player to complete assigned tasks.

Overall evaluation

In his first day of debut, Genshin Impact has more than 110.000 simultaneous viewers on Twitch. The game’s iOS version immediately climbs to number 2 on the Chinese App Store, after TikTok.

According to Qimai Data, only iOS version has brought about $ 1,84 million in revenue in the first day of release for developers. So what happened to a game at a glance that is no different from the Japanese game? From the release of the trailer, Genshin Impact has shown a world of animation referred to as The Legend of Zelda: Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild (Japan). This game is also a lucky champion gacha game.

In short, every element suggests that Genshin Impact is hard to embrace Western players. The market of course doesn’t like bloody gacha games and doesn’t like anime. But Genshin Impact has done what everyone finds it unbelievable to amaze the western media. Foreign gamers didn’t regret the praise, even streamers burned their own money into this game. Unlike Among Us who are only famous for having a famous streamer, Genshin Impact impresses and attracts players by the ultrasound. It’s a fascinating online game with eye-catching graphics but it’s important that the design is very fashionable.

Different from Age of Wushu, Genshin Impact isn’t complicated but deep enough to hold on to the player’s feet for a long time. Genshin Impact Highlight is the big open world for players to explore with a unique 4-character controller, not at the same time. The number of characters can incorporate a similar attribute system called paranoid. Genshin Impact pushes players into the combat system to have certain calculations instead of automatically hitting instant noodles like online games.

Those who played Granado Espada must remember controlling three characters at the same time in this game. Sometimes, it’s difficult for players to manipulate too much. As a result, Genshin Impact only allows one character to control but can switch between four characters. The developer promises to expand this number to eight characters.

Download Genshin Impact Mod Apk for Android

Genshin Impact MOD APK will take you into a vast virtual world with sparkling, beautiful context. This place will contain interesting things, stories, mysterious people and fascinating challenges for players to explore, learn and conquer. Genshin Impact with open world adventure gameplay brings player comfort and interest.

Also, Genshin Impact is a gacha game. But this game doesn’t force you to spend as long as you like. Play screen design with just enough difficulty for players to play freely, unlike many other free online games.

So, if only rely on graphics and gameplay, there is no shortage of games that can be successful like this and more. Of course, Genshin Impact developer knows this very well. So they’ve had a post marketing media plan since they revealed it last year. As a result, they have invested more than $ 100 million since their development according to SCMP.

Besides, the moments of peace into the beautiful, peaceful context are the thrilling tasks and battles. Many beautiful words can’t explain the charm of Genshin Impact. So you guys please experience it yourself and leave your comments in the comments to share and discuss with everyone.

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