Garena Free Fire – The Cobra Mega MOD


Custom mod version for Garena Free Fire - The Cobra helps players improve the shooting shock to help players shoot more accurately.
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February 9, 2021
4.1 and up
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Free fire is the current favorite island shooting action game that is very successful on mobile. New Beginning is the next developed version of the famous game of ′′ battleroyale “. In game, the 10-minute battle lasts on the island, where players will fight 49 the remaining player to win when you’re released from parachute into the safety zone and find firearms, is everything to be a final survivor and win a great prize.

Garena Free Fire mod apk screen

The story

In game, players will join 50 other survivors who find themselves released on a wild island with weapons and items scattered throughout the town. Your ultimate goal in this game is to survive as long as possible. And to do that, you’ll have to knock each of your opponents down using the weapons you’ve gathered.

Along with garbage pickup around, players are also forced to stay in the safety circle that doesn’t stop narrowing over time. If you’re out of the connection, your health will slowly come down and you’ll die if you can’t get inside in time.

Garena Free Fire mod apk screen

It’s important for you to get yourself a good strategy depending on the situations in the game. Be patient and determined to survive until the last moment.

Featured characteristics

Here, you’ll find all the fun features the game offers:

Enjoying the classic Battle Royale gameplay

Players in Free Fire will have the opportunity to experience the exciting and well-loved classic Battle Royale gameplay where you are presented with the most epic survival challenges. Land in complete stranger lands, where you will face many gamers in the fight for the only survivor. Wandering around collecting weapons and items so you can gain advantage over other players.

Garena Free Fire mod apk screen

Try to stay in a safe zone unless you want to be shot by a powerful napalm bomb falling from the sky. Looking for delicious sweet airdrops that can equip you with great weapons and tools.

Various types of weapons and gears to pick up

Speaking of this, Garena Free Fire players will find themselves approached with dozens of different weapons and equipments, each with its own use. That being said, you can choose different types of weapons and choose between different approaches to fighting. Grab your close-up weapons and quickly attack your opponents at close range, snip them with your scope and crazy snipers, or pick up your machine gun and release powerful explosions into the enemy.

Great vehicles to go on

Another thing with Free Fire is that players will find themselves acquainted with a variety of vehicles with unique features and power you’ve probably never seen before. In saying so, you can jump on powerful motorbikes at extremely fast speed, drive your extremely brave monster cars to walk the streets, or even ride on an equipped train missiles will make you almost unbeaten.

Garena Free Fire mod apk screen

Compete with online gamers in an epic survival contest

Raise your weapon and join other players from around the world in this epic survival competition. The game will allow up to 50 players to compete in an epic survival challenge. The whole game will only be in about 10 minutes with you being the last survivor.

And if you can’t claim your victory, it ends sooner than later. So the game is definitely suitable for gamers to enjoy a few minutes of their limited break. Combined with the portability of your mobile devices, the game will be perfect for Android gamers.

Garena Free Fire mod apk screen

Enjoy exciting team battles with your friends

On the other hand, if you prefer team fighting rather than touring alone, you can either join a random 4-man team or with friends in epic team battles. Take tactical elements and team spirit to another level as you challenge other teams to exciting survival challenges.

And most importantly, in this mode, you can still be resurrected after being beaten by other gamers as long as there are still teammates alive in the fight. They can come to you and stand next to you to start reviving you. Your team can only be wiped out if all members are killed, which will increase their chances for a big comeback.

Interesting voice chats to help you communicate

And for a higher interaction game between gamers, Garena Free Fire is equipped with a great voice chat feature that allows gamers to easily communicate. This is especially useful when you play in team mode, where communication is an important key to victory. Just turn it on and you can start talking to your teammates, or even provoke your opponents if you want to.

Garena Free Fire mod apk screen

Unique and fun outfit to put on your character

The game also has amazing costumes that are changed to style, theme and even seasonal. Saying so, you can easily wear your character as many outfits to make them stand out in their war with enemies.

Play for free

The game is now playing free for Android users and can easily download your device from the Google Play Store. And if you want, you can also download APK Free Fire Mod from our website for easier installations.

Graphics and sound quality


You’ll rarely see a realistic and smooth Battle Royale game on mobile devices like this one, idk. Along with smooth graphics, the game also has great visual effects that will take battles and action to the next level.

And if you’re worried about your device not being strong enough to run the game, then you don’t worry because the adjustable graphics option will be a good help. That’s being said, you can easily change your graphic preset to a less in-game requirement. That would make it quite easy for players on low level devices.

Sound of the song

In terms of sound, music and sound in general, the gamer in Free Fire will never find himself distracted from the game with the role-playing and satisfying sound effects. Everything is extremely accurate and realistic makes you feel like you’re living the competition. Experience the Battle Royale in Garena Free Fire like never before.

How to Install APK Garena Free Fire with OBB data files

APK install it on your device, NOT open the app.
Unload OBB files to / SDCARD / Android / obb / com. dts. freefireth. Make sure OBB files ( dts. freefireth. obb) in com folder. dts. freefireth.
Restart the game. Enjoy!

Download the latest APK Garena Free Fire Mod for Android

Free Fire was definitely one of the best Battle Royale games for Android users at the time. With addictive and intensive gameplay, it’s hard to find another game that can satisfy you like this one, especially when you care more about the classic Battle Royale games.

However, if you’re interested in newer and more creative gameplay like Fortnite, you’ll probably find some of our new games relatively interesting. Some notable mentions should be Creative Destruction, Super Mecha Champions, Last Day Rules Survival, etc.


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