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Gangs Town Story Mod is an open-world action game similar to GTA. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to experience all the activities in the underground world. Racing, fighting, looting, smuggling are all there. But you need to do everything wisely to avoid the pursuit of the police and the resistance of many other gangs. You can play freely, move around the virtual city and explore dozens of fun places on the street. Moreover, you have the right to use all the most modern weapons and vehicles from guns, bombs, grenades to cars, tanks. Play to your liking and conquer difficult missions, such as murder or illegal trade. Come here and learn how to survive to become the top in the underworld. There’s no room for honesty, do you like it?

Download Gangs Town Story Mod – Action your way in the open-world

Your mission in Gangs Town Story is to create your own criminal state in an underworld full of danger and intrigue. It is similar to the theme that the legendary GTA game series has exploited, but there are many new points that are worth exploring for a long time. In general, the gameplay of the game is not too different. It is still the player’s experience in the free and liberal open world. At the same time, the game allows you to choose how you act and what kind of person you want to be. You can do whatever you want to follow that pattern, even if it’s against the law. Don’t worry, this is your world. Explore it in your own way, act on your preferences and decide your destiny.


Become a notorious criminal

You will play the role of a young man living in the underworld inside a large, lavish city. Under the domination of notorious gangs, you only have two options to continue, one is to submit forever, the other is to stand up and overthrow them to become the leader. Of course, everyone wants to choose the second way. So your journey begins there. If you don’t know where to start, follow the game’s mission system. It includes many interesting missions such as racing, racing, theft, and more. You will have to know how to use weapons and vehicles to complete these missions. And the reward for you is gold coins used to shop and unlock skins.

However, if you have your own growth direction, then implement your plan. You do not have to play according to the mission system, but you can act freely as you like. Show your personality as a real criminal. You can eliminate every bad guy in the underworld or corrupt policeman from society. And from there, you become the next ruler who sets the new rules. You can organize fun activities like racing or cause endless street chases with the police. But pay attention, if you get caught, you will have to start over from the beginning.


Unique weapon and vehicle system

To do important missions in Gangs Town Story Mod, of course, you need weapons. The game allows you to use a variety of weapons from light to heavy, including shotguns, rifles, flamethrowers, and even grenades. Consider choosing the right weapon for each situation. If it’s a direct brawl, you can use a shotgun. But if the enemy is too crowded, you should use grenades or bombs to cause a huge explosion.

Besides weapons, the game will also make you enjoy a fairly diverse vehicle system. You can unlock fancy cars in the store or simply rob a car of a guy on the street. You can drive it around the city and stop in your own parking lot. Or if you need a massive vehicle for important operations, tanks are a great choice. It is equipped with massive gun barrels to destroy enemies in a flash.


Realistic, vivid 3D graphics

Just like GTA, Gangs Town Story is described on a high-end 3D graphics platform. Character images are designed very realistically with many expressions and movements that are also very smooth. Besides, the game context is a big highlight, it’s a huge and incredibly realistic open world. You will see a beautiful city scene appear in front of your eyes with buildings, houses, restaurants, parks, shopping centers… All are displayed very vividly, creating the feeling of a city in real life.

All in all, although Gangs Town Story Mod cannot be compared with GTA, this game is still an attractive game to try. It gives you a feeling of free and true experience in the big open world. There, you can carefreely do what you want for your goals, or simply drive around and enjoy the view. You choose your playstyle and your way of acting with no strings attached. That’s the charm of the game.

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