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Enjoy the fun battles in the sports game Gang Boxing Arena Mod. Players will be participating in Stickman matches. Become a powerful Stickman warrior. Compete with other stickman warriors in an open arena. The game uses cool Ragdoll physics. You can freely attack your opponent in many different styles. The simple control mechanism, easy to use. Fun sounds, simple graphics, lively environment. Thanks to the bright colors, along with the humorous activities. Especially, this is a free game. You can experience the game in offline matches. Or if you want to enjoy more fun battles, mixed with tension. It is possible through the online mode to compete with other players.

Download Gang Boxing Arena Mod – Fun Fight Of Stickman Warriors

Enter the match of Gang Boxing Arena Mod. You and other Stickman will compete in an arena. Specifically on a platform set in many different locations. Your mission is to eliminate all opponents by attacking. Causing them to leave the platform and fall into the abyss. The match only ends when there is one last Stickman warrior left on the platform. During the battle, there will be various weapons and objects falling from the sky. You can pick up weapons to attack or pick up objects to throw. Your opponents have similar abilities. To win, become the last person standing in the arena. You need to use your skills flexibly. Precise attack to eliminate every opponent.Download Gang Boxing Arena Mod

Character customization, different hats are available

Coming to Gang Boxing Arena Mod you can customize the appearance of Stickman warriors. Change body colors such as red, green, blue, purple, yellow, etc. In particular, a diverse collection of hats for you to choose from. There are some types such as shark hats, police hats, gas masks, Christmas hats, electrician hats, etc. Or some other types like glasses, deer horns, even buckets of water can be used. Each type of hat when used for Stickman will create an impressive appearance. However, they all require a fee. To own the hat you love. Need to use gold coins to buy or through the process of watching videos to unlock. Depending on the type of hat, there will be different unlocking conditions.Game Gang Boxing Arena Mod

Diverse equipment system, can change hands

Besides hats, you can also equip weapons to change your appearance. Gang Boxing Arena Mod provides a rich weapon system. They are divided into several different categories. For example, gladiator boxing gloves. The hands of the giant iceman, the ice hammer of the heroes. Or a pirate’s iron hook. There are even monster hands. There are many other types of equipment waiting for you to discover. Each type of equipment used will change Stickman’s hands. Similar to the hats, to get the desired equipment. You will have to spend a corresponding amount. From there, it is possible to change the appearance of Stickman. Become more prominent during combat. At the same time also increase your excitement, when wearing an impressive style.Gang Boxing Arena Mod

3D graphics, flexible movements, funny sounds

To bring the best experience, exclusively for players. Publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES builds games on the 3D platform. With high-quality graphics, sharp images of Gang Boxing Arena Mod. Will help you feel interesting when fighting in a fun arena. In particular, Stickman’s movements are very flexible. From moving, attacking action, to somersaulting scenes. Recreated very funny and funny, giving you a feeling of enjoyment. The environments in the matches are inspired by various locations. Designed with vivid and bright colors. Mix fun sounds, mixed with vibrant background music. Shown throughout the game. It will keep you from getting bored.Tai Gang Boxing Arena Mod

The battle between Stickman Warriors is held in many different locations. Typically, the desert area, the beach, on the roofs of the buildings. On the majestic mountain, the heavenly area. Even on a spaceship in outer space. There are many other places waiting for you to explore. Each location in Gang Boxing Arena Mod is reproduced very richly. On all locations, a platform is built for the Stickman to compete. Along with the extremely impressive surroundings. The natural beauty comes alive, thanks to the bright colors.

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