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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod is an engaging action role-playing game built on the blockbuster movies of the Star Wars series. Join the game, you will become a part of the galactic war and can dominate the battlefield if you have enough wisdom in strategy. Your mission is to gather champions to fight and fight bosses from many other worlds in the universe. It is you who decide who they are and what they can do in this reluctant war. Moreover, you can make them stronger with great upgrades from equipment, weapons, and items. Once you have a dream squad, tough fights are no longer a problem. But great wars will require alliances. Play with friends and against other guilds to win trophies.

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod – The great war of galactic warriors

You are probably no stranger to the Star Wars series. Its heat has become a hot topic to explore in mobile games and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is one of them. It brings a diverse world with the presence of mostly dark and light warriors. Moreover, it allows you to role-play and control them in each galactic war. Now, the heat of the war is more attractive than ever. A variety of exciting modes are available for you to explore different types of enemies, rules, and strategies. It also has leaderboards available to compete against other players. Therefore, the ranking on the leaderboard is also the goal of the battle.


Enjoy turn-based battles

Basically, the game is built in role-playing gameplay with typical turn-based battles. It has multiple modes including Cantina Squad Battle, Squad tournament, PvP arena, and more. Each mode has its own rules for you to explore different arena styles. But basically, it’s also tactical battles with turn-based mechanics. You need to prepare a squad of the most powerful galactic warriors. Your team will fight the enemy with powerful action combos. Your job is to arrange the warriors and make decisions for the attacks in the war.

The strategic element is reflected in the arrangement of your squad. Each warrior has different strengths and skills, but they can all support each other in battle. You need to dig into them to discover the most effective combinations. Furthermore, consider wise upgrading methods to maximize the strength of the whole team. Besides, the battles will be more and more difficult. You can join the alliance with the guild with your friends to join the battle and gain the advantage. The battle between the guilds is always more interesting. It requires your flexibility in strategy and solidarity among the warriors in the squad.


Unlock and upgrade the warrior squad

Most of the characters in the blockbuster are present in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod. They come from The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and more. Each character is described as close to the original version both in appearance and skill set. So you will certainly find familiarity when discovering the warriors in your squad. Over time, you can recruit new warriors to innovate your action strategy. But make sure you reach enough levels and have enough money to unlock.

Besides, the upgrade factor is an equally important part. You’ll need to complete quests and required battles to hunt for rewards and unlock materials to upgrade your heroes. Besides, by upgrading their level, you will help improve their basic stats and take the warrior to the next level. Moreover, unlock up to 6 skills to harness the full power of the warriors. Over time, new arena locations are also gradually revealed. They bring new inspiration to every battle.


Vivid effects, realistic design

This game has successfully described the heat of large-scale wars in the galaxy. The image of the warriors is simulated very close to the original with a super cool appearance and eye-catching skill effects. The arena context is also quite diverse, the Boss system is super-rich. The skillset and combat effects are undisputed. All are designed in great detail, helping to show the action in the arena well.


There is nothing to complain about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod as it is perfect. Galactic wars take place vividly right on the phone, not a fantasy on the screen. Now you will be the talented commander of the galactic warrior squad. Moreover, you can really role-play them to control the game at will. Countless rewards and worthy trophies will fuel your glorious journey.

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