Galaxiga Mod APK 22.78 (Menu, Immortality, Free Shopping)

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Galaxiga Mod is a shooting game with old gameplay but a new context. This game promises to bring you explosive space-shooting battles just like classic games. Join the game, you play as the commander of the space battleship force. Your mission is to protect the earth from powerful alien swarms. This is a long defensive war that goes through many stages. You need to conquer each stage if you want to discover new challenges. Don’t forget to upgrade your spaceship to be more powerful. There are many resources and types of ships available in the shop.

Download Galaxiga Mod – Classic space shooter gameplay

The classic fly-shooting games were the main inspiration for the development of Galaxiga. Therefore, you will find this game has the characteristics of the classic space shooter series. However, you will also find many new features here. It features a new set of spaceships with a modern design and a variety of unique skills. In addition, it offers a variety of modes, allowing you to play solo, cooperate with friends, or compete against online players. Every mode comes with super attractive rewards.


Protect the galaxy from aliens

If you play in normal mode, you will have the opportunity to follow the story of the game. It is a long battle journey against alien invaders. This journey will go through many stages. At each stage, you have to overcome many waves of enemies with increasing strength. In between stages, the game also has an extremely attractive boss fight. This is your chance to earn great rewards and enjoy the hottest space shooters. In particular, you can choose the difficulty with 3 levels, Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Besides the normal mode, the game also has a multiplayer mode. Accordingly, you can co-op with friends and form your own universe team. Or you can participate in a fun 1v1 or 1v3 match. These modes also give you an equally nerve-wracking action feeling. Also, PvP battles will affect your promotion. If you like to compete with many players, make an effort to climb to the top of the global leaderboard.


Easy controls

Like many classic fly-shooters, Galaxiga Mod has relatively simple controls. Accordingly, you just need to touch the screen to move the ship and destroy the enemy from the top of the screen. However, you need to be agile to dodge bullets and shoot accurately at targets. During the battle, pay attention to the items falling from above. If possible, you should collect them to upgrade ships and improve your advantage.

However, in difficult levels, you don’t just need agility. In this case, there will be dozens of enemies with different skills. Some just stand still and drop bullets, while others can move very skillfully. Therefore, you need to classify enemies to choose priority targets. You should focus on enemies that move quickly and deal great damage. At the same time, you should choose an appropriate position and keep a distance from the enemy.


Unlock and upgrade spaceships

This game will delight you with a series of unique warships. Each type of warship is designed with a unique appearance and attributes. Besides, the spaceship system is classified according to the number of stars. The higher the number of stars, the more advanced, modern, and powerful the ship is. Of course, you can’t unlock all ships at the beginning. Start with 1-star ships, upgrade them, and conquer wars to earn rewards. With the bonus obtained, shop for new ships, new equipment, and useful boosters. The greater the power, the greater the advantage.


Eye-catching shooting effects

Like previous space shooting games, this game is designed with a pixel style. This style will remind you of fond memories of your childhood. The spaceship is meticulously designed and has a spectacular shooting effect. It is these effects that make up the appeal of every battle. Besides, the enemy system is also very diverse. You will have the opportunity to meet and encounter a series of extreme Boss battleships.

So are you ready for the space war in Galaxiga Mod yet? Just download the game and you can enjoy it all the time. Choose your ship and upgrade your way. Next, bring the ship into the battlefield and start the campaign to protect the earth. The classic and new space shooting battles will leave you with an unforgettable impression. If you want more fun, don’t hesitate to connect with your friends online.

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