FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK 3.1.0 (Menu, Immortality, One Shot Kill, Ammo, Ability, Diamonds, Coins)

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Are you looking for an attractive team-fight shooter game on mobile? Today cuuamtruyenky. vn will introduce you to a very hot shooting game today. FRAG Pro Shooter allows players to participate in a gunfight between teams from many different countries. In a random match, it is extremely normal for 2 teams to come from the same country. Thousands of teams are waiting to fight. This is not a life-and-death battle. Because the player after being shot down will be revived after about 5 seconds of waiting. This makes the battle much more intense and engaging. You have to try to fight throughout the match, not just at any time. If the beginning of the game is good, but the end of the game is not. Then failure is still the last thing you get. Strive to fight hard to receive valuable rewards,

Download FRAG Pro Shooter Mod – Play as a sniper and join the team to fight

Each match in FRAG Pro Shooter Mod takes place in not too long a time. Due to the short duration, the progress of the match was accelerated very quickly. Continuity is the direct confrontation and solo phase between the two teams. The match map is also not too wide, with more or fewer obstacles. You and the enemy easily find each other after a few moves. In a gun battle, the player must always keep his composure when handling the situation. Shoulder to shoulder, side by side with teammates to create a resounding victory. If you are too aggressive, confident in your own abilities, separate from the team and fight alone. It will be very difficult to shoot down the enemies because they hide very well behind the objects. As soon as you go through them, they will attack and kill you right away. Each character has a unique characteristic suitable for each stage. Choosing the right character helps you defeat the enemy more easily.

Apk mod FRAG Pro Shooter

How to control

Basically, controlling the fighting character in FRAG Pro Shooter Mod is quite simple. The interface is optimized by the publisher, making the view very open and spacious. There are not many keys displayed on the screen that obscure your view. There are 2 main operations the player must perform: move and aim. Control the character to move with the navigation key on the right side of the screen. The character can move 360 ​​degrees, wriggle into the openings easily. The right corner is the aim and shoots key along with some special functions of the gun. The default interface will be like that and you cannot change it. It takes a while to practice and get used to the controls. The smooth combination of moving and aiming. You need to have quick reflexes when you see the enemy launching accurate aiming phases. Defeat opponents in a flash, making them surprised.

Game FRAG Pro Shooter mod hack

Various characters

There are more than 70 characters and the system is still updating with more for you to choose from. Because this is a team game, there are many different types to determine the main character of the two teams being slack. Each warrior has its own special ability. There are people who run fast, who have good physical strength, high health, etc… A lot of special features in the characters. Build a squad with friends to ensure that you have both good attack and defense capabilities. Only then can we fight to our fullest potential and win. I can name the famous gunmen in the game that many brothers trust and use in matches. It’s Dan, Jet, jay, Simon, Big Paku, Dyachenko these characters are used by millions of players. Because of the attack power with high stability, the ability to defend against attacks from the enemy is very good.

Game FRAG Pro Shooter mod

Upgrade weapons and characters

As you participate in multiple matches to complete the system-assigned tasks. Over time, the character, weapons, armor, and other equipment will no longer be as strong as the original. No longer adapting to the current environment because the enemy is much stronger. You need to do something to make the warriors more capable of fighting. Instead of buying characters or armor, new weapons cost a lot of coins. You can upgrade our warriors. Each time you upgrade, your attack and defense stats will be greatly improved. Respawn Delay, Weapon Range, Perks, Hitpoints, Seconds, Damage, and Victory Gol are character upgrade stats that you need to pay attention to. When these parameters are maxed out, your warrior will become the fear of the enemy.

FRAG Pro Shooter mod apk tai

FRAG Pro Shooter mang đến cho bạn nhiều loại vũ khí với thiết kế vô cùng độc đáo và mới lạ. Tự do lựa chọn loại súng mình thích, sử dụng trong trận chiến. Kết hợp với các thành viên trong tổ đội để tham gia vào cuộc đấu súng gay cấn và quyết liệt. Thể hiện kỹ năng thiện xạ của bạn trước những người chơi khác trên khắp thế giới. Tải xuống FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Win hay thua phụ thuộc vào kỹ năng.

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