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Fortnite's famous Battle Royale is finally available on Android platform.
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Fortnite’s famous Battle Royale is finally available on Android platform. Now, mobile users from around the world can blend into Fortnite’s amazing and exciting gameplay on their mobile device whenever they want. Participate in epic and fun shooting challenges with friends and online players from around the world.

Immerse yourself into the smooth and satisfying gameplay of FPS survival on your mobile device when you’re into the endless mobile shooting game. Explore vast maps with stunning and breathtaking landscapes, while immerse yourself into the action world with fast paced and exciting gameplay. Enjoy your mobile gaming experience to the fullest with the mobile version of the world famous action game from Epic Games.

Fortnite Mobile Mod Apk

Learn more about this great mobile game of Fortnite with our full reviews.

The story

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves in the fantasy world of the future. Here, a mysterious global storm has unexpectedly hit humanity and killed more than 98 % of the world population. You, among the few survivors, face countless zombie-like creatures trying to knock down the last line of humanity’s defense. Using the collected materials and the construction features available in the game, the gamer can build his fortress, collecting weapons to fight against invaders.

With Fortnite Battle Royale, you’ll have access to the great gameplay of survival FPS that has crazy the game world with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. By combining classic PUBG gameplay and unique elements in Fortnite, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying a much more refreshing and refreshing battle royale game on their mobile devices. Have fun with great survival experiences in the game as you engage in epic gunfights and builder challenge.

Fortnite Mobile Mod Apk

Here you get to play with friends and players from all over the world. Blend with other gamers in a huge online game with up to 100 different players per game. Engage in great battles and excited moments as you enjoy the game with others.

Featured characteristics

Here you will find all the great features the game offers:

Have fun with friends and gamers from around the world

To kick it off, Android gamers in Fortnite Battle Royale can blend into battle royale’s exciting gameplay with friends and gamers from all over the world. Enjoy the fun of exciting matches that can have more than 100 realistic players. And most importantly, now you can try your exciting matches with your teammates or solo. Fight in various modes of play, with each of them having their own unique gameplay and experience.

Enjoy battle royale experience on your mobile device

Moreover, with Fortnite, mobile gamers will finally be able to enjoy their exciting battle royale gameplay to the fullest. That means, you can now entertain your Fortnite matches anywhere with your own mobile phone. No need for PC or bulky laptops, you can still play your favorite Fortnite games. Not to mention that the mobile version also comes with brilliant graphics, which can even compare with Windows version.

Refresh the gameplay with construction elements

And most importantly, unlike most other classic battle royale games affected by PUBG, Fortnite offers a much more unique and free way of playing the game with its amazing construction features.
That means, you can leverage the materials gathered around you to create different structures in the game and transform them into your final fortresses. Apply construction feature to battles by quickly surrounding yourself with construction so you can be covered from enemy attacks. Or lure your enemies into your trap when you blow them up with extreme missiles.

Fortnite Mobile Mod Apk

Battles will not be limited to simple chakra rocks but will be extended to every aspect of the game. And with completely destroyed environments, the game will bring much more fictional and freedom to Android gamers.

Totally immersed myself into the game with visual touch controls

When you go deep into the mobile gaming experience in Fortnite, you’ll find touch controls extremely effective and convenient. That means, visual touch orders and gestures allow Android players to quickly immerse themselves into action without taking too long to figure things out.

In addition, the game also comes with intensive installations that allow you to customize your in-game controls to your needs. And if possible, you can even connect your external gamepad to enjoy a more panel-like Fortnite experience.

Many weapons with unique use and power

To make the game more interesting, Fortnite gamers will also find themselves having access to a wide variety of weapons, each with unique uses and power. That means, in-game weapons are completely different from other classic battle royale titles, with each weapon has unique design and mechanism. Therefore, let Android gamers enjoy their gameplay in a different way.

Different characters with customizable features

When you go deep into your in-game experience, players in Fortnite can also have fun with their different character settings. Here, the game deeply values each player’s personal element. That means you can play matches in Fortnite with completely different characters, each has its own looks and characteristics.

Fortnite Mobile Mod Apk

Moreover, the game also has a variety of interfaces and outfits that you can buy or unlock. Feel free to try different looks on your heroes as you engage in epic battles with other games. Put in different customizations and let your characters stand out against your opponents.

Different maps for gamers to explore and enjoy

To make the game more interesting, Fortnite gamers will also have access to various maps with diverse settings for you to explore and enjoy. Here, you can enjoy fun with great in-game experiences, in which, you can explore new places, engage in new activities and develop strategies and approaches new for the matches. Furthermore, you can always expect new changes and content added with future updates.

Thematic event with fun way to play

And lastly, as you progress through the game, many engaging events are available for players to enjoy whenever they’re interested. Enjoy the fun through a range of different in-game activities, each has its own elements and gameplay, which allows the player to fully immerse the experience. Plus, with many unique rewards, you’re sure to be happy to participate in the events.

Play for free

And despite all those great features, the game is free for all Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices. Meaning, you can easily download and install Fortnite from Epic Games website. Or download APK Fortnite files on our website, follow the instructions provided to successfully install the game on your device. Then you can enjoy the amazing battle royale world.

Graphics and sound quality


Amazing graphics and physics games that make you relate to Creative Destruction and Rocket Royale. But with Fortnite, you’ll find yourself enjoying a lot more visual experience thanks to well-optimized graphics and great visual effects. That means, the game allows Android gamers to fully sink into the experience thanks to its powerful image. At the same time, customizable graphics will ensure smooth and satisfying gaming on most of your Android devices.

Sound of the song

Along with powerful graphics, the game also has great sound effects that can roll you into its game for hours continuously. That means, sound intuitive and responsive will help you interact with the environment as well as allow players to be fully present in their games.

Download Fortnite Mobile Mod Apk Free For Android

For those heavyweight battle royale fans, especially those familiar with the famous PUBG mobile, Fortnite is sure to bring a fresh twist to your gaming experience. With unique and interesting graphics, along with well-renovated gameplay, you’ll definitely find the game an absolutely incredible FPS title must have on your mobile device.


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