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Food Fantasy Mod is an RPG game with elements of restaurant management, turn-based combat, and anime style. Here, you will discover a new concept: “personification of food”. In other words, you will have the opportunity to meet a variety of characters with great spirit and culinary skills. They will breathe life into each dish cooked and turn them into powerful combat skills. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But the game’s story will keep you hooked with a series of well-crafted content chapters. Moreover, the anime image and realistic voice acting make the game even more attractive.

Download Food Fantasy Mod – Explore the anime world of food

This game will satisfy those who love Japanese food. At the same time, it also makes fans of the RPG series and turn-based combat excited. These elements will be present throughout your experience. That experience will span many chapters and series of quests from cooking to fighting. In other words, you will play a store manager and a commander of the hero team of chefs. Be with them to protect and develop your restaurant.


Manage your restaurant

This game simulates the real restaurant business. Therefore, you will be tasked with managing the restaurant, figuring out recipes, hiring chefs, serving customers, and more. There are hundreds of different dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine. There are dishes such as Spaghetti, Tiramisu, Wine, Lobster, Sushi, Boston, etc. Each chef in the restaurant will specialize in cooking certain dishes. And they are named after the dish they created themselves. At the same time, they will possess skills related to their dishes.

At the beginning of the game, you only have access to certain dishes, corresponding to a few characters. However, over time, many new recipes will be unlocked with detailed information on ingredients and cooking methods, … You just need to follow the instructions available to prepare delicious dishes, then serve diners. Moreover, you are the one who decides the decoration style of the restaurant. There is a wide range of decorations and furniture for you to choose from.


Join the battles

Besides the restaurant management task, Food Fantasy Mod also gives you a series of other interesting tasks. It’s battling with rogue guests or demons from all over the world. To fight, you need to gather the chefs in the restaurant into the squad. A squad will have up to 5 members, each with their own characteristics and skills. You need to understand each character well and find the right grouping. In battle, the chefs will become true heroes.

The battles will take place with typical turn-based mechanics. But you don’t need to do too much because the heroes will automatically attack the target. Your job is to click on the skills to summon each character’s special move. Each skill will take a certain amount of time to cool down, so consider it before using it. Besides, upgrade the heroes to improve their strength. The game also has dozens of unique skins for you to freely customize the appearance of your character.


Meet new characters

The character system will gradually unlock as the story progresses. Therefore, you will get new characters when you reach a certain level. Each character brings their own story worth exploring. Take the time to learn about them, thereby immersing yourself in the magical world of anime cuisine. The more characters, the easier the strategy flexibility. You can replace new characters to create a new squad. Do you prefer to combine warrior with archer or mage with support? Try matching heroes according to your ideas.


Vivid anime design style

This game will make you fall in love with the anime design style. It offers a cast of anime characters with beautiful looks, voice acting, and unique skill effects. Each character will be voiced by a professional actor. Thanks to that, you will see them as real characters in an anime movie. Moreover, the eye-catching combat effects will make the battle more explosive than ever. The game context is increasingly diverse, bringing you to many places in the world of anime cuisine.

This is the time to enjoy Food Fantasy Mod right on your phone. This game has appealed to millions of players, and now it’s for you. Join the game to meet the adorable anime chefs here. You will accompany them in the process of building restaurants and fighting. Many interesting stories will arise in this experience, let’s see what it is.

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