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Fishing is becoming more and more popular in many countries. Many countries have competitions for this subject. Not only in reality but also in the world of MOBA games. Fishing Life is built and developed on this increasingly popular hobby. In fact, there are many people who share the same passion for this subject. But there are very few people who follow their passion. Because of the investment cost for the tools, the whole thing when going fishing is not cheap at all. Don’t worry when you come to this gameplay, you will experience it all for free. It doesn’t cost a dime to satisfy your passion. But that is only available in the mod version at MODLH. vn. So what are you waiting for without downloading the gameplay to experience this exciting subject right away?

Download Fishing Life MOD – Relaxation and entertainment at sea

Join Fishing Life MOD the system will give you a boat. Along with that is a fishing rod so you can experience it. The gameplay is simple but requires perseverance and thinking to catch fish. You need to buy bait to start the journey. Then move the boat on the sea, on the river. Find the right places to cast the bait. When starting out, you will not be able to catch big, giant fish. The system also doesn’t unlock new fish for you on its own. You all have to use the money to buy. At the same time, you must reach certain levels to unlock it. Try to complete the tasks assigned by the system. Be persistent in catching a lot of fish. Very quickly your level will increase to high right away. Compete with your friends to see who can catch the most fish.

Fishing Life mod apk

Fishing rod

The fishing rod is the most important tool for you to catch big or small fish. Equip your fishing rod with the best hook and hook. To make sure no bad situation happens. It may be a broken rod, a broken line, or a loose hook, if your fishing rod is not of good quality, it will be very difficult to catch fish. The initial levels of small fish are not mentioned. But as you level up, you’ll meet bigger, smarter fish. It’s not easy to catch them. There are many types of fishing rods, fishing rods, hooks for you to choose from. With the mod feature of MODLH. vn you can shop for free fishing rods and spare parts that you like. There are also many types of bait. Depending on the fishing location, the type of fish you want to catch, choose a reasonable bait.

Fishing Life mod

Many species of fish

The fish system in Fishing Life MOD is extremely diverse. Many different types of fish for players to explore. From small fish to large fish, from cheap fish to high economic value fish. New to the game you will meet and can only catch some small fish such as tilapia, carp, sailfish, catfish, etc… Species when you catch them, you will get very little. points, the amount received is also quite small. Try to accumulate a lot of money to unlock new fish species. The feeling of the full swing will be very attractive. Each type of fish will have its own characteristics. They do not live together in one place. Find out information about each species. I think it will make it easier for you to fish. The food of each species is also different.

Fishing Life mod hack

Raise or sell fish after catching

When fishing you will have 2 choices. 1 is to keep it, 2 is to sell it and you will get some money from the buyer. When catching small fish species, with low economic value. You can bring them home to grow bigger. After that, if you sell it, you will get a larger amount of money. There are species that are very beautiful in appearance, but they are small. You can sell to people who buy aquarium fish. The value they bring is not small at all. For big fish such as sharks, blue whales, paddlefish, sunfish, etc…..When you catch these. Sell ​​it now. The amount you get will be huge.

Fishing Life mod apk

There are times in life when we feel tired and stressed. Come to Fishing Life you will get a feeling of relaxation, entertainment, less stress. With his fishing rod and boat. Move to the right places. Fishing for fish of high economic value. The trip has no time limit. You can customize the return deadline easily. Download Fishing Life MOD fishing and explore the beautiful scenery.

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