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Fishing Hook MOD APK will help you perfect your fishing skills, where to let go of the rod, how long to pull the rod, how much force to use to pull the rod… all these small skills will be “dug” create” in this dedicated fishing game.

Introduce about Fishing Hook

Enjoy the feelings of real fishing with Fishing Hook!

Have you ever wondered what fun fishing is, but so many people choose this subject for entertainment? Is fishing complicated and has many stages? All those questions are answered through this professional fishing game Fishing Hook.

Fishing is a relaxing hobby, the more you put your mind to it, the more relaxed it becomes

The fishing experience in Fishing Hook is considered very authentic. The game as a trainer will teach you from the very first stage of fishing how to go properly.

Fishing Hook is one of the most popular fishing games on mobile today. This is a professional fishing game, without any fancy elements or other distractions. The only thing that is also the ultimate goal you need when playing Fishing Hook is to catch fish according to the correct and most thorough process.

The entire screen only shows the fishing rod, fishing line, calm water surface, and control cluster to rotate and pull the fishing rod. 100% of the time and your mind will be on the fishing process in front of you. So in terms of relaxation, Fishing Hook is also a pretty good way, especially when you want to get rid of a negative thought, focus your mind on something that requires both patience and calculation like this.

Fishing is not a small challenge

When playing Fishing Hook, one of the big challenges for all players is having to use a lot of force when fishing. Specifically, when the fish bites, the rod wiggles and moves, you have to continuously rotate in the circle to control the fishing rod to increase traction. If you pull enough scissors to meet certain stats the game offers in each challenge, the fish will give up, you will catch it and win the screen. And if not, it will be lost, it’s a waste, a whole day of waiting. So in every round, you should try to turn your hand fast to pull the fish up.

To increase the challenge, even more, Fishing Hook also has a boss fighting mechanism. Here you will encounter and hunt big fish such as sharks, and eels… Normally, you already get difficult with small fish, but through these huge fish, you will even get harder with super high intensity. But everything has a price, when the fish wags its tail and emerges out of the water, that joy cannot be put into words.

With the types of fish you can catch, you will be able to sell them for money to upgrade fishing rods, hooks, lines, etc. These upgrades are essential if you want to keep up with the size of the different types of fish in the game. Better fishing rods and hooks also make it easier for you to catch your breath when turning your hand on the control knob.

Lots of cool stuff

First of all, the context. Playing Fishing Hook you will be traveling through many different locations, each with its own, unique landscape. The lake surface changes according to the day and night mechanism with attractive light and dark scenery is also a factor that creates the richness of this game.

The next interesting point is that when you get fish if you don’t collect them in a basket to sell for money but release them back into the lake, the next time you will receive a challenge is a stronger fish, more expensive and get more money.

Fishing Hook is also being supported in 16 different languages ​​with achievements and ratings, enough for players around the world to explore this game together.

MOD APK version of Fishing Hook

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Fishing Hook APK & MOD for Android

Fishing Hook does not require terrible configuration, comfortable offline play, graphics are also good, simple but attractive gameplay. When you need to find a professional fishing experience in detail, remember to play Fishing Hook.

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