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Are you a fishing enthusiast? So I have a good suggestion for you, which is Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Mod. It is a fun and simple fishing simulation game that anyone can play the first time they open the game. You just need to touch your finger on the screen to catch fish, including small fish or giants that are rare in the ocean. Enjoy hunting your favorite fish to become the richest fisherman. Sell ​​fish to earn money and use the money to upgrade boats, and equipment or even hire a professional fisherman. Moreover, you can participate in an online fishing tournament with millions of fishermen around the world. Show your talent to become the best angler on the leaderboard!

Download Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Mod – Enjoy the hobby of fishing

It can be said that Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon is the most fun place for “fishermen” to fish online. It is loved by millions of players thanks to its simple gameplay, exquisite and friendly graphics, and super fish system. You will have the opportunity to see the vast ocean and discover hundreds of types of fish from common to rare. And you don’t need to go through any training to master the fishing operations in the game. Besides, you will love this game for a long time because it always updates with new features. The fish system in the ocean is increasingly diverse, the types of boats, fishing rods, and staff also continuously increase over time. Don’t miss the chance to explore it all in your experience here.


Explore the vast ocean with huge resources

The ocean appears before your eyes from a top-down perspective and you are a fisherman with a boat that has set sail. On each trip, you will have to work hard to catch the most fish, thereby becoming rich. Fishing in the game will be quite simple when the fishing rod, bait, and other necessary things are prepared. Your job is to touch the fish swimming in the water to catch them. But pay attention, you will need more touches for larger fish. Once caught, the fish will be added to your inventory. Go there to see your creations and decide to sell or do something with them.

After each fishing, your experience points will increase. Thanks to that, the next time you go fishing, you can find much other fish that are many times larger than the previous times. Moreover, you will go further and further in the ocean world. Unlock available locations one by one and explore resources across many unique seas. If you’re busy, don’t worry, leave the fishing to your staff. You can return to the game with a large stock of fish without doing anything. Just sell fish to collect idle money.

Upgrade your fish in many ways

There are many ways for you to become richer in Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Mod. First, you can hire other fishermen to scale up your fishing. Of course, you need to pay them, but the profit they bring is really worth it. You can invest in high-class fishermen to fish more fish or upgrade your team of fishermen to advance more and more. In addition, to increase your fish production, you need to upgrade equipment such as fishing rods, lures, and the boat.

The game gives you many cool boat models to unlock. You can own stronger and larger boats to conquer many unstable and vast oceans. However, consider the cost you have to pay to shop. If you want to make a lot of money for a big investment, you should regularly join the tournament mode. There, you will meet and compete with millions of other fishermen. Defeat them and try to reach the top 13 for rewards including money, gems, and trophies.


Simple but exquisite graphics

Despite having a fairly simple 2D graphic style, Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon still provides the necessary fun and friendly feeling. It depicts the oceans and fish in a cartoonish but rather crude way. The background is always colorful with soft colors, creating a comfortable feeling every time you watch. In addition, during the fishing process, you will listen to melodious and relaxing music. Thanks to that, no matter how long you play the game, you always feel light and comfortable.

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Mod will be an interesting destination for you to hunt for fish in the ocean. Immerse yourself in the sea and relax with light and fun fishing days. You don’t have to do much, but you’re always happy. Every day is a new thing with hundreds of types of fish for you to go fishing and bring home the spoils. And with a job as a fisherman, you can be as rich as any businessman.

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