Fantasy Raid: Diablo-like RPG Mod APK 0.52.1 (No Skill CD) Download

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Become a hero to participate in epic battles in the game Polygon Fantasy Mod. This is a role-playing game that combines action and adventure elements. Unleash battles according to an engaging storyline. Your mission is to protect the world that is being invaded by dark forces. By using power to destroy the whole. At the same time, explore many different places. Each place is designed with images and lively environments. Based on 3D graphics, reproducing the scene is very impressive. Besides, a series of features are provided by the system. Randomly generated items. They are used for many different activities. Along with the character system with many unique fighting styles. They can be upgraded to increase combat power.

Download Polygon Fantasy Mod – RPG Adventure To Stop The Dark Forces

The story of Polygon Fantasy Mod revolves around an exciting RPG adventure. The world is in danger, by the onslaught of dark forces. In the distant past, monsters once invaded the world. But was exiled by the heroes to hell. Over time, the darkness is gradually spreading. Creatures appear to disrupt the world order. They conspire to rule the world to make humanity submit. Now, the world is standing on the edge of doom. Only the arrival of heroes can stop them. Join the game, you will play the role of a hero. Enter the epic battle to stop the creatures. Simultaneously adventure to many different locations to uncover unknown mysteries.Polygon Fantasy Mod

Explore 4 locations, missions

The quest of Polygon Fantasy Mod opens in 4 different locations. Includes Blade valley with vast forests. The Eternium desert is full of dangers, harsh sand dunes. The kingdom is being exiled, with the appearance of a magnificent castle. The Northern Empire was built by modern construction. But being frozen, because the northern temperature is very low. Sometimes there are even snowstorms. Each location opens up a challenging adventure. At the same time the appearance of monsters and mystical creatures. Make the adventure even more difficult. Along with that, you will have the opportunity to discover many mysteries. As well as collect valuable loot to develop heroes.Download Polygon Fantasy Mod

System of heroes, companions

Coming to Polygon Fantasy Mod you can role-play into many different characters. Developer Alda Games provides a diverse hero system. They have a unique fighting style. Possesses its own power and attack skills. Typical as a brave warrior, with the ability to attack melee. Magicians possess magical powers. Archer with the advantage of attacking from a long distance. The amount of damage dealt with by the enemy is very large. There are many other characters that you will discover when participating. Role-play as a desired hero to enter the adventure. You will have to use all their abilities to the best effect. At the same time can look for companions. By unlocking cute animals. They possess deadly skills, which will assist the hero in attacking monsters.Game Polygon Fantasy Mod

Various enemies

During the adventure at Polygon Fantasy Mod. A series of enemies appear to block your movement. They can be goblins, legendary dragons, monsters, even humans. As soon as you become the target of an attack. There will be no other choice but to fight. Because they will chase you anywhere if you choose to run away. In the early stages, the monsters’ abilities were quite weak. But as time goes on, go deeper into the adventure. You will have to face scary monsters. At the same time, they appear in large numbers, attacking at the same time. Makes you more difficult to beat. At this point, it is necessary to fight intelligently. Flexibly combine the hero’s attack skills to be able to destroy them all.Tai Polygon Fantasy Mod

Equipping heroes is one of the most essential tasks. At Polygon Fantasy Mod, each hero is equipped with 8 different items. Includes weapons, defense shields, rings. Pants, armor, helmet, leg, and arm armor. Each piece of equipment has its own strength stats. When used on the hero will increase the corresponding ability. For example, equipping a weapon will increase the damage index. In addition, equipment also helps the hero change his appearance. Become more impressive and stand out in the challenging RPG adventure.

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