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Fantastic Pets Mod is a magical pet land where you can grow plants, flowers, raise dragons, and discover treasures with just taps. Yes, it is a “merge” puzzle game that combines adventure and simulation. You can become a creator with the job of restoring the beautiful land of the clouds and creating many new things. Merge animals and plants to help them evolve and unlock many magical creatures. Gradually, you can open up more lands and continue to merge to diversify the ecosystem. Dragons, tigers, horses, deer, dolphins, and more, all of them can fly. They can help you merge faster to discover more amazing creature combos. Just tap to play but full of fun on your phone. This is a real paradise for you to relax all the time, are you ready?

Download Fantastic Pets Mod – Restore the pet land with a miracle

Fantastic Pets could be your next choice to play on your phone. Why? As it is a great and free game to relax. It builds on the traditional match-3 puzzle games, however, you will find it really refreshing. No more matching items of the same color horizontally or vertically, you can now combine them in many ways. It’s much simpler but downright addictive. Because every successful graft is a new thing born, which is trees, flowers, creatures, and more. So the longer you play, the more new things to discover. So playing this game is not boring like regular match-3 games.



If you’re playing this puzzle for the first time, take some time to learn about the gameplay of Fantastic Pets. Simply like this, you will touch the screen to match at least 3 similar icons to create a new icon. But no matter where they are, they can be connected to join, not needing to follow rows or columns. So, no need to think much, just look at the screen, see which one is the same, then put it back together. After that, the newly created thing is used to combine with things like it.

So, what can you match in this game? The answer is many things. There are trees, flowers, flames, water, eggs, dolphins, dragons, tigers, rabbits, mountains, statues… It’s all that in nature forms a magical pet land. Initially, they will all be enveloped in a dense fog created by demons and monsters. You will come and open it to find survival here, and continue to develop the new amazing ecosystem. You create beauty and enjoy it in your own way.


Infinite expansion

You may not know, Fantastic Pets Mod is an endless world, not divided by levels like in the classic match-3 game. You will play until you get bored, but it doesn’t stop at any level. The more you play, the more you match, the more new things are formed. Creatures evolve more and more, from eggs to chicks to adults and finally to the most advanced finished version. Plants also develop in sequence, from seedling to flowering, fruiting, and then becoming an old tree. All life obeys the laws of nature, but does not die, only grows and proliferates.

Over time, you can unlock many new areas on the map. The mist will be removed gradually, opening a beautiful world with many strange things. With the new map, many new symbols also appear, creating a variety of gameplay. The way of pairing remains the same, but you will find many new loot. Gold and diamond chests will appear randomly on the map. Match to collect them to help unlock legendary looks for creatures, and buy items to speed up their growth.


Lovely and colorful graphics

Everything appears to look incredibly lifelike in this game. Creatures, trees, statues, … are all designed with strange appearances based on real life. So you will find it both close, new, creative, and colorful. Music is always light and cheerful. The effect in each touch is also great. Thanks to that, this game can be suitable for children from 3 years old. So anyone can play it to relax, find inspiration and exercise imagination.

Fantastic Pets Mod is available to download to your phone. Do not hesitate to enter the wonderland where every creature can fly and evolve. You will match endlessly to discover hundreds of amazing creatures in the natural world. Along with that are dozens of treasures and valuable resources to collect and accumulate. Explore them all and add them to your collection now.

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