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Role-play as a hero in the world of Erden. Players will be immersed in the fantasy stories of Evertale Mod. Join the game, you will control the character to fight and train monsters. They belong to the demon species Pandemonium with destructive power. Your mission is to bring light to the dark hell, break the curse of the devil. If you are too bored with the usual animal training games. Then this game is the perfect choice for you to experience new and more unique gameplay.

Download Evertale Mod – Become a Monster Trainer Master

Evertale Mod opens a vast monster world. They come from hell, with a fierce nature, and possess enormous power. Your mission is to conquer monsters, by defeating them in battle. If you can’t win, you will definitely lose your life. This is a challenging journey, beyond your imagination. At first glance, it seems simple, but when you start to do it, you will find a lot of difficulties occur. From how to train the devil to become closer and friendlier. Or find a way to turn the ferocious demons to be obedient and listen to your direction. Everything depends on your ability and training method. If you can train them as you wish, you will become a master monster trainer.Download Evertale Mod

Monster subjugation, training methods

Joining Evertale Mod you need to make a lot of effort. Gaining experience and strengthening yourself will give you an edge in hand-to-hand combat. Your translator is none other than monsters. They only submit to those who are considered the strongest. Therefore, if you want to conquer the demons, you need to defeat them in a respectful way. The monsters after being defeated will be under your control. Besides, the training method needs to come first. If you want to fully exploit the fighting ability of the monsters, you need to carefully understand their strength and skills. Next is to come up with effective training methods, so that they can reach their full potential.Game Evertale Mod

Monster evolution

In addition to monster training, evolution is also a very important step. It marked a dramatic development in both the monster’s strength and appearance. The monsters after being evolved will change their shape much more prominently. Not only that, their power is greatly increased. That helps you confidently participate in dramatic and fierce battles. Each monster in Evertale Mod has a different shape. This means that after evolution, their shape will be changed extremely unique to each type. From monsters with cute, friendly shapes to weird but powerful monsters.Tai Evertale Mod

Online PvP mode

Join Evertale Mod’s PvP battlefield. Players will be fighting with other online opponents around the world. This mode is also very interesting, you have the opportunity to experience and rub against other powerful opponents. They are both masters in monster training, so their fighting power is not inferior to yours. This is also a place for every player to show off their monster training talent. By defeating opponents in battle, assert yourself. If you are unlucky to lose the battle, that’s completely normal. Take it as a lesson and draw from the experience to better train monsters. That helps you to know your best friend’s strengths and to work harder to become a professional animal trainer.

More than 180 monsters and weapons

Evertale Mod provides players with more than 180 species of monsters. Each monster carries a unique skill, along with a strong fighting ability. You can unlock them and arrange them into battle formations. Take monsters into battles to gain experience. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore 6 different lands. Each place will have a lot of monsters, you need to defeat them to conquer. Moreover, equipping monsters with weapons will increase their damage. Then you will have an advantage over your opponent and win easily.Evertale Mod

The land of Evertale Mod was once inhabited by many animals. This place is like a big house, they live peacefully and there is no war happening. But due to the evil curse turned this land into darkness. At the same time, the animals here have turned into monsters, possessing special powers. Your task is to train monsters, lead them to break the dark curse. The battle does not know how long it will last, but you will have to fight hard to open a new world.

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