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Game of Nations: Epic Discord Mod is an idle strategy game where you gather your warriors to take on the classic battlefield. There are dozens of different types of warriors from archers, warriors, magicians, wild beasts, legendary dragons, and more. Each warrior class has a different strength, so you can alternately change and flex your tactics. The addition of warriors and their positions on the battlefield makes up your strategy. What it will be is up to you to decide. Archers in the back, warriors in front, dragons in support at the bottom… or many other ways. Bring them into your battlefield, where you take on online opponents. It’s time to learn how to be the top strategist and rule every leaderboard.

Download Game of Nations: Epic Discord Mod – Fight in a simple strategy style

Game of Nations: Epic Discord is a strategy game that sets itself apart from most other games of its kind. While people are always looking for something grand and colorful, this game offers a simple and idle experience. But does that reduce the appeal of the game? Absolutely not. It’s even fun to play all day and is suitable for most gamers, even newbies. Fight by swiping and tapping on the screen, what could be easier? Your task is to gather different warriors in the squad, then swipe to find opponents and start fighting right away. Tactics must be given from the beginning from the time of formation, when entering the battle, nothing can be done. Just sit there and watch the battle unfold, win, receive rewards, lose, you have to learn for the next time. That’s what you will do in this game.


Explore a unique character collection

What makes the game attractive is the character system. The game offers many different character classes, including warriors, archers, magicians, beasts, and dragons. In the beginning, there were only a few characters available to include in the match and of course, it was easy to win. You can then unlock more new heroes, fill your squad with up to 5 units, and take to the battlefield. Each character class counts as a unit in the squad, regardless of the number. Each class has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Therefore, they create many opportunities for gamers to be tactically flexible.

Strategists must pay attention to two things, the first is to choose the character class, the second is to position. It is not necessary to include all character classes in the squad, it is possible to combine 2 archer units with 1 warrior unit and 2 interesting units. That is, it is possible to be flexible depending on each match, rather than playing stereotypes, making it easy for others to guess the situation. Besides, after choosing the character class, you must consider how to arrange so that the heroes can support each other and maximize the strength of each unit. For example, warriors have good health so they can be at the top of the squad, while archers and dragons will often be behind to deal damage from a distance.


The world is big and rich

Strategic battles are only part of the Game of Nations: Epic Discord Mod. This game has many other impressive features that we need to talk about. Especially the game world. It is a combination of many different classical cultures with unique characteristics and powers. At the beginning of the game, the game will allow gamers to choose their tribe from the available tribes. Each tribe also has its own place of residence and participates in the war for dominance.

The game also has two basic modes to play, including Campaign and PvP. Campaigns are often a place to practice, try out strategies, and earn rewards to upgrade your squad. Meanwhile, PvP mode is where you have to confront online gamers. Winning will bring more attractive rewards with plus points on the leaderboard. Gamers should play these two modes alternately, practice first, then compete, continue to practice again.


Detailed and colorful graphics

Game of Nations: Epic Discord owns a 2D graphics platform. However, the image in the game is very detailed and has a fun style. Thanks to that, it looks very close. The game battlefield is colorful, diverse with many maps, many lands. The combat effects are equally great, the sound is always lively and engaging. It can be seen that this game is not inferior to any other strategy game. Although simple, attractive enough for you to play over and over and not get bored.

Game of Nations: Epic Discord Mod will be an interesting choice for those who love the idle strategy style. Just swipe and tap on the screen to play, compete and become the ultimate strategist. Gather your warriors into battle, combining various hero units, including legendary dragons. You will see how cool they look in challenging 1v1 battles.

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