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Endless Colonies Mod is a great simulation game for you to become a hero to save the Earth. It is set in the year 2038 when the human world is threatened by natural disasters from hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes to pandemics. A new solution needs to be devised and implemented now before the real crisis hits humanity. And you are the one entrusted with the responsibility to do it. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But the gameplay is very simple with the familiar clicking mechanism. Gamers only need to click on the screen to exploit resources, build factories, produce food, materials… But you will have to travel through many different planets, colonizing new lands to heal the earth and prevent extinction. So are you ready to be a hero in the new era? If so, then start now, it’s time to take the impossible flight.

Download Endless Colonies Mod – Become a millionaire tycoon of the new planet chain

Despite being a simple and idle game, Endless Colonies offers a philosophy that gamers must admire after playing. If you pay attention, you will realize that the context and plot of this game are quite similar to the current human situation, when the earth is gradually being destroyed by human activities. That’s also when scientific researchers and astronauts started thinking about utopian flights beyond the range of the earth. You will officially become one of the leaders of that flight. And your mission is to save the earth, turn all other planets into colonies to exploit resources and serve new life. But things are not as difficult as you imagine, just click to play and enjoy the endless exploration.


Mining, production, and expansion

Start at a certain planet and use your spaceship to mine resources. But to consume resources, you will need to build factories. In the factory, you will have production lines to create dozens of different foods from eggs, milk to meat, and more. The more resources are put in, the more food is produced. And of course, the more money you will get. Money is to upgrade factories, production lines, workers, and more to optimize production efficiency. At the same time, the money will be useful for gamers to expand their exploration on many new planets. From there, you can find even more new resources to produce new food categories. Everything goes like a circle but at a higher and higher level. Thanks to that, you will get richer and more advanced and soon become the tycoon of each colonial planet chain.

The gameplay of Endless Colonies is only that much, but the appeal of the game will increase the longer you play. The game content will be increasingly rich with all the resources and items to freely produce and get rich. So even though the gameplay mechanics are idle and constant over time, this game still keeps you intrigued out of curiosity. It is unknown if something can be found when exploring the new planet or can combine any items to upgrade performance and create new items. That’s what you always want to discover when playing Endless Colonies Mod.


Unlock and manage worker groups

You alone cannot manage all the work in the factory and the exploration, mining, and distribution of resources. So hiring more workers is of course necessary. There will be up to 8 different types of workers with unique skills, suitable for certain industries in the factory. As you level up, you can even unlock more workers to take on new missions. Don’t forget to upgrade your workers when there is enough money to improve labor efficiency. They will be the leading force for your space model to soon become the richest supply chain in the universe.


Small but detailed and realistic graphics

The image in the game is designed with a 2D animation style. They look quite small when displayed on the phone’s vertical screen, but are impressive enough with a realistic and friendly design. If you play for the first time, it can be a bit confusing, but the longer you play, the easier the game is to control and easy to see. Moreover, with the layout of images and game context vertically on the screen, it makes it possible to operate with one hand. Then it deserves to be an idle game. There’s no need to focus too much and manipulate too much, but it’s fun enough, right?

Endless Colonies Mod offers a great storyline but its gameplay implementation is super simple. Therefore, gamers do not need to absorb too much but still enjoy the attractive shot of the game. Don’t miss it if you’re an avid explorer. This is your time to master planets and a chain of state-of-the-art resource factories.

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