Empire Defender TD Mod APK 2.5.14 (Unlimited Money)

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The battle between kingdoms never ends. Kings are always looking for ways to invade the enemy’s land. Acquiring the power to do many evil things. As a warrior, do everything you can to protect your country. This very interesting and unique storyline is only available in Empire Defender TD. Here the player will transform into a scared guy. Lead a mighty army to fight to protect your kingdom. However, this is not easy. But it is necessary to have a reasonable strategy, to distribute troops in each area so that the enemy does not block the goal on all sides. There will be quite a few tower defenses to help you in the battle, so don’t worry too much. Players have to spend a large amount of money if they want to own a high-class and high-damage item. Just put it in the right place and define the right purpose. Surely those items can help you the most. Soldiers also need to be trained every day. Command them well to increase the probability of victory to the highest degree. Not only that, but you can also use the practice feature yourself. To improve your fighting technique, know many good tips to complete the missions more easily.

Download Empire Defender TD Mod – Become a brave warrior

Empire Defender TD Mod is like other fighting games. Players need to control their character to a safe location or fight the enemy. To overcome obstacles, you need to move more flexibly. Otherwise, the amount of health on the bar will decrease and when exhausted will have to start the level again. By default, soldiers will be divided into all sides to fight. Mainly to kill the leader. And that must depend on your strength. Enemies can suddenly appear at any time. Therefore, the highest level of vigilance is required. Through the game screen, the level of difficulty is also increased. There will be more and more huge and powerful monsters appearing. You also need to upgrade and equip yourself with the most advanced and modern weapons to fight them. Try to complete the daily tasks well to collect a lot of gold coins. Because the upgrade process will need a lot of them. Each enemy master will have a different way of attacking and defending. Remember to attack more wisely next time and make the opponent unable to react. Start experiencing these thrilling and exciting battles right now.

Empire Defender TD mod

Attractive gameplay

Gameplay has many different game modes for you to freely choose. Choose the model you like best to start this exciting battle. Each battle will appear a different number of monsters. It is necessary to calculate carefully and depending on the situation to use weapons and equipment at the appropriate level. Distributed so as to ensure the remaining energy in the next battle. If you do not know how to use it, players will be easily destroyed in more fierce battles. Before starting the system will give you a certain amount of money to buy the necessary items as well as defensive towers. Defeat as many bosses and soldiers will receive huge amounts of money. From there, you can buy and upgrade more equipment for yourself.

Empire Defender TD mod apk

Fortress with enormous power

Fortresses are the most important combat weapon in a giant battle. They have tremendous damage, each shot can destroy thousands of enemy troops on a large scale. There are a total of 4 types of fortresses. Each type has a unique characteristic that you need to place in the right place for maximum effect. However, a weapon with such great destructive power needs someone to steer in the right direction and hit the target. Choose 4 of your numerous troops to do this. Train them to be hit-and-miss artillery. The price for each fortress is quite expensive. So only use them in the most urgent cases so that they can promote their great effects.

Empire Defender TD game mod

Smart Tactics

The system is divided into 3 battle lines. The two sides will hold 10 powerful generals corresponding to 2 different colors. Each champion has its own strength. Your job is to arrange them so that they are on the right path, confronting the person with the opposite strength to be able to win. Make full use of the great energy in each champion. However, in each level, you are only allowed to use 3 generals, corresponding to 3 sides of the army. Choose carefully depending on the case. Because if you lose, you will have to leave the game screen and start over.

Empire Defender TD mod apk

Fighting-style games have a very unique charm. Empire Defender TD, too, always gives players the most unique and interesting experience. Show your talent using troops to win all matches. Fight and keep your kingdom safe. Build a developed country so that people don’t have to face war from other tribes. Download Empire Defender TD Mod become a talented prince, fight hard to protect the kingdom as well as his people.

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