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ECHOES of MANA Mod is the latest installment in the hit Mana series. It continues the story of the previous installments and brings many new features. This time, it is built with new episodes consisting of many chapters. Participating in these chapters, there are many outstanding characters from old to new. They make an important part of your journey. You can recruit the best heroes to master every war. With a strong squad, you will easily dominate the arena and complete the assigned task. Besides, don’t forget to upgrade your hero to gain an advantage. The greater the power, the longer the journey, and the more surprises are waiting for you.

Download ECHOES of MANA Mod – Typical adventure role-playing game

If you’ve ever played any game in the popular MANA series, you’ll have easy access to the ECHOES of MANA. It retains role-playing gameplay that combines adventure and action elements of many previous installments. But this time, you will have a new journey with unprecedented challenges. Your mission is to gather heroes for an adventure in search of the legendary sword of Mana. It holds the power of all life in the world. The forces of darkness always wanted it. So you need to fight them to keep the peace of mankind. You will not be alone in this experience. Let’s reunite with familiar heroes here.


Build a team of heroes

In this new version, the game offers a very diverse cast of characters. You will meet again prominent names such as Sumo, Amanda, Julius, Primm, Angela, Kevin, and many new faces of the hero and villain classes. In particular, the hero system will be divided into many different systems. Some will be archers, others will be mages, warriors, support… Of course, each hero will have their own set of skills and powers. Your job is to explore their characteristics to find the right selection for the squad.

You cannot unlock all heroes at the beginning. Initially, you will play as a hero and will search for the rest. With the help of the NPCs in the story, you and your party will traverse various lands. In each place, you will have the opportunity to meet new heroes and recruit them to the party. Combine heroes your way to creating the perfect squad. When new members are added, continue to rotate positions to refresh the squad. You will soon have the opportunity to test the strength of the hero team in the battles.


Join the endless adventure

After all, your experience in the ECHOES of MANA Mod is an epic adventure. In this journey, you will go through a series of different missions, typically combat missions. You and your team of heroes must fight dark monsters to open new paths. To fight, you have control over your character. Use the joystick to move and combine skills to create combos on the target.

Each hero will have 3 main skills and a basic attack. Besides, there will be a special skill with ultimate power. Of course, you have to combine these skills and coordinate with other heroes. At the same time, move skillfully to dodge attacks and protect the hero’s HP. After each battle, you will receive rewards to upgrade the hero team. Give them equipment and items and unlock many new skills.


Explore many different places

An endless journey is waiting for you in this game. It spans various locations from forests and savannahs to dungeons, deserts, and more. The further you go, the more new locations are unlocked. Each new location unlocks new mysteries, quests, and enemies. So the longer you play, the more interesting things become. Stunning views will keep you hooked and new surprises will keep you excited. If you want to explore all the nooks and crannies of this world, upgrade your team of heroes to survive longer.


Beautiful fantasy world

This game retains the same design style as the previous installments in the Mana series. It brings heroic images with a fun and close cartoon design. In addition, the character system is carefully polished in terms of appearance, skills, and dialogue. Moreover, each person will be integrated with their own story but have a relationship with each other. In addition, the game world is well built with many beautiful areas. You will be captivated by the magical beauty of this majestic Mana world.

Don’t hesitate to download the ECHOES of MANA Mod and enjoy your journey. It is a great adventure role-playing game that you should not miss. Join legendary heroes in their quest for the sword of Mana. It is a long journey with many interesting events, episodes, characters, and mysteries. Where will you go on this journey? Let’s co-op with friends if you want to go further.

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