Earth Protect Squad 2.41.64 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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Earth Protect Squad Mod is an action game, published by Kisunja – Free Shooting Games. The game brings attractive shooting gameplay, taking you to participate in fierce battles. Become a soldier of the army, your task is to destroy all enemies to protect the world. The battle is extremely dramatic, you have to face a lot of dangers. If you are not alert or lose focus, it is easy to lose your life. The alien monsters are invading the earth, they will erase everything when they reach their goal. As a soldier in the military yourself, you must not let that happen. You will accompany your teammates, destroy them and protect the world.

Download Earth Protect Squad Mod – Battle With Alien Monsters To Protect The World

The gameplay of Earth Protect Squad Mod is extremely attractive. Players will control the character to participate in fierce battles. Your enemies belong to the forces of darkness, they are alien monsters. Using the gun in your hand, you will have to defeat all enemies to complete the mission. The game uses a 3rd person perspective, making it easy to observe and detect enemies quickly.Download Earth Protect Squad Mod

Control system, use appropriate weapons

Entering Earth Protect Squad Mod, you will have to control the character to participate in combat. The control mechanism is quite simple, it won’t take too long for you to get used to it. The game uses the virtual Joystick key located on the left side of the screen, making it easy for players to move the character. If you want to attack an enemy, you can use the corresponding icons located in the right corner of the screen. Includes shooting, using the reticle, using swords, throwing grenades and shields. Depending on the actual situation, you can use the appropriate combat tools. For example, when attacking enemies at a distance, using a gun is the most effective solution. Moreover, the reticle will help you aim at the enemy with the most accuracy. In some cases, you are surrounded by a lot of enemies. You can now use swords to attack. Even throw a grenade to destroy a large number of enemies.Earth Protect Squad Mod

Collect health potions, use tactics

During the battle, your character inevitably loses blood. So you need to collect support tools like a first aid kit. It helps the character recover a certain amount of health. Besides, Earth Protect Squad Mod requires players to have a suitable strategy. Because your enemies are more than just a few. It is an army, they will find ways to take your life. In some situations, enemies will gather close to each other. You can take advantage of this opportunity, throwing a grenade to deal extensive damage.Game Earth Protect Squad Mod

Lots of weapons

The weapon system of Earth Protect Squad Mod is very rich, divided into many different genres. Each type of weapon has its own power, they have certain advantages and disadvantages. You need to learn very carefully to apply it to the battle effectively. Each weapon has stats on speed, range, distance, damage, and operability. They are equipped on the character, carrying the corresponding role. For example, guns are the main weapon used in wars, producing tremendous damage. Knives, swords of secondary weapons, used in close combat. In general, the game has a lot of weapons with different shapes, designs, and functions. Depending on your fighting style, you can equip your favorite weapons.

In addition, grenades can deal extensive damage, causing large numbers of enemies to suffer casualties. You can equip the character with several types of grenades such as incineration, freezing, or shock.Ear Earth Protect Squad Mod

Game mode

In order for players not to be bored, Earth Protect Squad Mod provides 2 game modes including online and solo. For solo mode, it is not too difficult for you to complete the mission. Not only that, but you can also improve your skills by gaining experience through battles. Online mode is completely different. You and other players form a team. Take part in dramatic and intense battles. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually when entering the next level. Requires your team to have a suitable strategy.

Earth Protect Squad Mod takes you to participate in fascinating battles with alien monsters. Use flexible weapons in combination with teammates to achieve good results. Simultaneously destroy all enemies to protect the world. The game is designed with sharp 3D graphics. Battle locations are held in many different places such as deserts, ice areas, or cities. Each location is realistically portrayed, providing an engaging experience for players. Combined with extremely vivid sound quality, expressed through gunfire or bombs.

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