Dungeon Ward 2022.3.3 (Unlimited Gold) Download

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Play as a warden in the Dungeon Ward Mod game. You will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Survive against fearsome enemies. Develop power-ups, collect and search for equipment. Also, complete the required tasks. Through conversations with NPC characters. This is an action RPG offline game, incorporated in a third-person perspective. Set in a vast dungeon. There are many undiscovered secrets. Unlike similar dungeon-themed RPG titles. Here you will not have to focus on making money. Because after completing the tasks will receive the reward. Or through dungeon exploration, after each new level up. From there will collect equipment and receive power points.

Download Dungeon Ward Mod – Become a Warden To Explore Dungeons

Before starting to enter the dungeon of Dungeon Ward Mod. You can choose from three different characters. Includes Warden, Ranger, and Mage. Each character possesses a unique fighting style and ability. Warden is a warden, possessing an impressive appearance. Use a spiked mace to attack and shield to defend. With the advantage of a strong melee attack. Can create powerful attacks on enemies. Ranger is a gunner, armed with a bow and arrow. Has a very good ranged attack ability. With sharp arrows shot, enemies will quickly lose their lives. Mage is a mage who attacks with magical moves. Especially can transform into a werewolf. With outstanding attack ability, by using sharp claws.Dungeon Ward Mod

Collect equipment, build character

Role-play as a character to enter the dungeon in Dungeon Ward Mod. In the early stages, the character has not been equipped with any items. Now you need to search to collect weapons, costumes, equipment, and jewelry. Develop strength, increase defense, and attack stats. By opening stone coffins to collect some basic equipment. Then use them to continue the journey in the dungeon. From time to time, experience battles with enemies. After being destroyed, they will sometimes drop their equipment. You can collect to perfect yourself. Help the character to be fully equipped with all kinds of items. From there will increase combat ability to face more dangerous challenges. Can fend off fearsome enemies as you go deeper into the dungeon.Download Dungeon Ward Mod

Lots of enemies, boss

In the adventure to explore the dungeon of Dungeon Ward Mod. You will face many types of enemies. Dry skeletons, giant rats, goblins. Even giant monsters. They will rush to attack as soon as you move into the territory. In order to survive, there was no other choice but to fight. Because when you have become the target of hunting, no matter where you move. Enemies will also chase to attack. Moreover, sometimes you will have to confront the boss. Possessing a large size, the fighting ability was superior to ordinary monsters. At the same time has durable stamina, withstands many attacks from you. To be able to defeat the boss, it is necessary to use all skills and attacks to attack.Dungeon Ward Mod

NPC characters

At Dungeon Ward Mod you also have the opportunity to meet NPC characters. They were the people living in the dungeon. Through the interaction, you will be greatly supported. Because each NPC character plays a separate role. Alchemist is the owner of a shop. Using the money earned can buy items and equipment. Weaponsmith is a blacksmith that can help you upgrade weapons to increase damage. Or upgrade equipment to increase defense. There are also some other characters such as Innkeeper, Captain Grendar, and Cleric. They will give you different tasks for you to perform. After completing will receive a lot of attractive rewards.Game Dungeon Ward Mod

After each kills the enemy in the dungeon in Dungeon Ward Mod. Characters will receive experience points to reach new levels. After each level up will be added strength points. Through parameters such as health, dexterity, vitality, and intelligence. Each stat after being added will increase the strength of the character. At the same time, you can also learn new skills. Each character will have their own set of skills. Skills are divided into two categories, passive and active. Active skills will be used by you to attack when needed. Passive skills will be self-exploded during the battle.

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