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Continuation of part 3 of the game Drones. The publisher continues to market the 4th version. Drones 4: Zombie Strike Mod opens the Zombie war more attractive than ever. Bringing shooter gameplay with a first-person perspective, combining tactics in each mission. However, they no longer using the guns in their hands as combat weapons. Now, you can control the plane from above to attack Zombie. Combined with 20 different types of quests for you to explore. Along with many battle locations recreated in the city area. Promises to bring you to completely new Zombie wars. This is the latest version in Reliance Big Entertainment’s Drones series. With improved gameplay and lots of newly added features.

Download Drones 4: Zombie Strike Mod – Kill Zombies With Drones

The gameplay of Drones 4: Zombie Strike Mod has a shooting style with a first-person perspective. You adjust the center of the gun on the plane and aim for the most accurate target. Take them down with deadly bullets. Zombies appear in many different locations on the map. They move constantly, causing you to constantly change the center of the gun to find the right firing position. If you want to complete the mission, you need to defeat a sufficient number of Zombies in a match. After winning, you will get the experience to level up. At the same time, you will receive bonuses corresponding to your achievements.Drones 4 Zombie Strike Mod

Notes when using guns

In the process of killing Zombies of the game Drones 4: Zombie Strike Mod you need to be careful when using guns. Trace the color of the center of the gun and the side vertical bar. It represents your shooting speed. If firing continuously, the center of the gun will turn red. When maxed out, you’ll have to replace the magazine with a new one. This will give the Zombie an opportunity to run away. Therefore, to be most effective, you should not fire continuously. Reducing the attack speed on enemies will help you to attack continuously without needing to change ammo.

Zombie Abilities

Zombies in Drones 4: Zombie Strike Mod is extremely scary. Possessing durable defense can withstand a lot of attacks from guns and bullets. According to each different level of play, the difficulty will gradually increase from easy to difficult. At that time, Zombie does not move as slow as before. They run faster each time you attack. Even know where to hide on the map. That makes you have to concentrate on fighting. Adjust the center of the gun accurately and change the angle of fire continuously to defeat the Zombie. Along with that, when the difficulty increases, the rewards you get after winning are also increased. But it will have to trade a lot of things, not just the number of enemies more. And the tempo of the battle also increased.Ear Drones 4 Zombie Strike Mod

20 different game modes

Drones 4: Zombie Strike Mod’s game mode is extremely diverse. With 20 different game modes for you to explore. Each mode is designed with its own gameplay and rules. When participating in a mode, you will have to follow the rules that the system offers. In particular, each mode corresponds to a different type of mission such as an attack, defense, survival, and escort. No matter what mode you join. Your mission revolves around using the gun on the plane to attack Zombie. Therefore, although you are not directly attacked by Zombies. But it is easy to fail during the mission. If you do not meet the requirements that the task gives, you will lose. For example, escort mode requires you to protect everyone moving into a safe base. Requires you to destroy all Zombies trying to attack them. If you let people get attacked by Zombies,Dowload Drones 4 Zombie Strike Mod

Gather the survivors

Not only fighting alone, but you can also gather the lucky survivors to form a team. Fight together in the harsh environment. With the goal of defeating all Zombies to win. The most outstanding feature of fighting with teammates in Drones 4: Zombie Strike Mod is strategy. With a large number of zombies, along with durable defense. You can hardly complete the mission in the battles later. Therefore, the support from other survivors will open up a new strategy. They help you to attack Zombies in many different locations. You just need to observe the ongoing situation, defeat the Zombies in the necessary positions.Game Drones 4 Zombie Strike Mod

At Drones 4: Zombie Strike Mod, you control a fighter plane called Drone. Also equipped with a machine gun, made from modern technology, that is Cannon. However, as each level of play becomes more and more difficult, you will have to equip more advanced weapons for the Drone. Use the collected resources to unlock a number of weapons such as Rocket, Bomb, Missile, Special,… and many more.

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