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Get ready to learn the basic and advanced knowledge of driving with Driving Academy mobile game
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Get ready to learn the basic and advanced knowledge of driving with Driving Academy mobile game title, as you explore the world of racing simulator and entertainment with true driving interactions during your play .. The game program simulates the engaging driving journey with practical journeys, learns many skills, takes many challenges and joins many favorite trips with different designs inside and outside.

At the same time, you can explore the complete simulator environments in Driving Academy, including vivid images and interactive elements for your freedom to play. Feel free to enjoy the fun of the real traffic system, realistic and physical vehicle control mechanism in the role-playing game, which will allow you to enjoy with Driving Academy to the fullest.
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Storyline / Interactive game

Here in Driving Academy, Android players will have the opportunity to freely examine interactions that simulate super practical driving journeys in which you can participate in many driving lessons and challenges. Driving and racing interaction is very impressive thanks to powerful 3 D graphics, fascinating sound effects and real-life traffic situation.

Feel free to move with precisely modulated vehicles as in reality, each has its own appearance and interior. Also, enjoy interactive game with precision processing mechanism, to feel authentic like driving a real car. Have fun with games in many interesting modes and simulators. Accept the challenges and unlock the games with great trips. Freedom to explore the full simulation world of Driving Academy with incredible driving mechanisms.


Here are the interesting features that the game offers:

Actual driving mechanism

In Driving Academy, players will have the opportunity to experience practical driving mechanisms and great driving simulators. Feel free to use your touch screen to comfortably access authentic car processing options. Engaging driving journey with practical controllers like wheels, gas foot and brakes, light signals, rear and side mirrors and much more. All of these factors will ensure that you can enjoy the maximum practical mechanism in the game.

Traffic flow and factual simulation factor

Android players in Driving Academy can enjoy vehicle traffic and exterior elements simulated exactly like the real world. The journey of moving is almost real with routes, vehicles, street signs and accurately simulated traffic signals. And most importantly, you can’t make mistakes in Driving Academy, because the police will always keep an eye on you.

Many traffic signs

Many traffic signs

At Driving Academy, players almost get to experience the actual vehicle again. At the same time, this is also a great opportunity for you to learn the necessary traffic signs. Take advantage of the time to learn signs right along the driving journey with a full collection of more than 80 road signs, offering an absolutely unique way of knowledge. You can both drive, and learn new street signs, this will really help when you take your test or drive on the real street.

Various levels of car remake for players to choose from

Throughout Driving Academy, Android gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy driving distinctive and unique interactions. There are 250 levels in Driving Academy for you to choose, experience and explore, keeping your driving journey fresh and attractive

Various different mode of play

Here in the Driving Academy, Android gamers will have the opportunity to join various game modes, each game has its own but its own charm.

Big Tests – You can start driving practice in Driving Academy with many important important experiments and interactive tutorials. Test your skills with Grand Tests (big, comprehensive tests) and unlock multiple rewards from the game.

Night Driving – And if you want to enjoy your driving game in a completely different aspect, the night Driving mode added will definitely be fun. Here, you can experience the night-driving journey with completely different safety rules than the day required to follow.

Challenge – To make the driving and racing game become more interesting, you can choose to participate in the in-game challenges, which will allow you to enjoy the maximum entertainment in the game.

Free Driving-Finally, to allow for exciting and relaxing driving games, Android players in Driving Academy can now experience free driving journeys in Driving Academy. Here, the game allows gamers to freely explore in-game games and comfortably in their cars. You can totally enjoy freely trips without any goals or challenges.

Multiple camera view to experience

When traveling on the street, Driving Academy will enable multiple camera views to comfortably experience your driving journey. Here, the game offers 3 different camera views, giving you personal, multi-dimensional real images, such as the view from the cockpit, using third-person views, v.v .. help you observe the journey more comprehensively.

Variety of vehicle options with authentic features

Throughout the course of playing in Driving Academy, Android gamers can freely explore more than 135 different vehicles, each with practical design and features. Please feel free to practice driving on any vehicle you like that contributes to your confidence and comfortably you when learning how to truly control your vehicles and enjoy practical journeys on each one.

Freedom to customize your car with great design

To make the game more interesting, it’s designed so that Driving Academy Android gamers can comfortably customize their cars with many cool styles. leakage allows you to customize decals (Decal), car tail (Spoilers), Rims (Rim) and Neon Lights to make your car beautiful – unique – strange, for a more fun and wonderful driving experience more.

Enjoy the game in your language

Now users who don’t speak English language will have the opportunity to maximize experiences with Driving Academy, as the game offers a variety of language options for you to choose. Players can optional language used in games including French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean or more.

Offline gaming enable app

Android players in Driving Academy can now play Driving Academy whenever you want and anywhere without Internet.

Play for free

Despite all the interesting features mentioned above, Android gamers can now play with the free Driving Academy version on Google Play Store with a series of non-collective features available.

Enjoy unlocked version on Apkdone website

Also, if you want to get rid of annoying ads and purchase requests, then our revised Driving Academy version would be a great option. Here, you can entertain many interesting in-game features and feel free to experience simulated driving games without cost-limitations and be bothered by ads. You just need to download and install APK Driving Academy Mod on our website.

Graphics and sound quality


With interesting and honest 3 D graphics, Android gamers in Driving Academy will have the opportunity to enjoy a real mobile game title. Feel free to explore great levels in the game with precision images and impressive physical drive interaction. Precisely designed vehicles with eye catching exterior and interior. And most importantly, optimized graphics will ensure that you can enjoy a smooth and satisfying driving experience.

Sound / music

Along with authentic graphics, Driving Academy players also enjoy a great driving experience with a powerful and entertaining sound. All of that makes the journeys a lot more practical and attractive.

Download Driving Academy MOD APK free for Android

With impressive graphics and detailed game interaction, Driving Academy Android gamers can actually practice driving right on mobile and still get the most authentic feelings. And if you want to enjoy a similar game, Taxi Sim 2020 could be a good alternative. And every game gives you great entertainment moments.

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