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If you are looking for a racing game, you should probably try #DRIVE Mod. It is a game with a classic design inspired by street action movies from the 1970s. And it is an endless race, no level system, no race. Simply driving through multiple locations to explore, learn to steer in the right lane, overcome obstacles and enjoy unlimited travel. The further you go, the higher your score and everything is better than imagined. Scenes of streets, deserts, and snowy cities … appear clearly for all players. If you are interested in these things, what are you waiting for without downloading the game right away to play? The game is available and free at this site. (The Toan)

Download #DRIVE Mod – Endless driving game

If you are bored with flashy and modern racing games, think of #DRIVE, a driving video game with a rare vintage style. Although going against current trends, this game still leaves a deep impression. It brings dusty roads and classic cars to your track. There, you have the right to drive as you like, drive as far as you can to explore more. Occasionally, you can stop at several stations to check your vehicle and add fuel. But then, the new journey will come and you continue with the car and the excitement. The diverse and well-designed game scene will bring this experience to life. And music with songs from classical radio will leave you with many pleasant emotions.


Enjoy the driving journey

Different from normal racing games, #DRIVE gives you an endless journey. It has no modes other than this, and also no major highway racing tournaments to compete with. You’ll pick your car and choose a map to start with, then roll down roads you’ve never known before to check it out. Simply touch the screen to drive, and your car will automatically accelerate forward. But it is not as easy as you think because the game has applied real physics to make it feel as real as possible. Try to drive in the right lane while passing the obstacles. The further you go, the higher the achievement.

Although not too focused on competition and challenges, the game still makes it difficult to drive. You may encounter obstacles along the way, be it other cars, rocks, mud, sand roads, and more. Even when you are speeding or in the wrong lane, you may be chased by a police car. Moreover, extreme challenges from weather conditions will also chase your car along the way. So you can hardly master this game in the first place. Be calm and happy to go through many bumps, then you can master the driving. On the way, you need to check the fuel and damage to the car. You can then stop at the station for repairs if necessary.


Explore a series of unique maps

The map system of #DRIVE Mod is the most attractive thing in this game. It leads you to many unique locations to enjoy the crazy scenery and obstacles. It can be the tracks in the sunny desert, the snow city, the jungle, the highway track, the night street, and more. Each map will give you a different driving experience. You can really feel the wind, the smoke, and the engine sounds blending together while driving.

Besides, the game also offers many classic car models. Although not too diverse, it is enough for you to choose according to your preferences. Your vehicle does not have a custom system to change its appearance or parameters. Instead, you can repair damage to the vehicle or add fuel during the journey. The beauty of the car is clearly displayed in the third perspective. You can see the whole car and the track landscape visually from this angle.


Impressive vintage pixel design

The special highlight of the game lies in the graphic design. It is described in a classic pixel style, making everything immersed in the atmosphere of the 90s. The game context is very diverse, including many types of terrain and landscape details. As a result, it offers a complete racing experience. In addition, the effects on the track are also quite realistic, from engine sounds, collisions, and more. The movements of the car are also very smooth.

So, this is your chance to enjoy the driving experience like never before, right? The #DRIVE Mod has everything you need, from authentic driving style to an impressive classic design. Start a journey through various locations, explore the landscape and test your driving skills. Do not be subjective with obstacles and potential hazards around the track.

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