Dragon Village X: Idle RPG MOD APK 0.0.0120 (Unlimited Money) for Android iOS

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Dragon Village X: Idle RPG is one of the super classic role-playing games, combined with cards, and also includes shooting gameplay, extremely attractive. In this game you will transform into a dragon trainer and collect items as well as build yourself the strongest dragon squad. 

Introducing the game Dragon Village X: Idle RPG

Dragon Village X is an idle role-playing game product and surely you guys when experiencing this citizen on Mobile or PC are great. It can be said that the gameplay is extremely simple but brings a high level of addiction and if you know how to combine all the same dragons to create a heavier dragon, you will surely win easily. 

Dragon Village X: Idle RPG
Introducing the game Dragon Village X

Once you’ve upgraded, it’s time to unlock different locations to add more dragons to your squad. 

Dragon Village X is a game that follows today’s top favorite role-playing products such as Merge Dragons, Dragon City Mobile, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, Dragons: Rise of Berk, Hungry DragonDragon & Elfs,…All Both put the player in an inconclusive battle and must follow the warriors to fight the generalities and protect the peace of their place. 

Features of Dragon Village X: Idle RPG Idle


In this game you will be role-playing idle and the necessary stages of your role-playing process will be shortened faster. Gamers will collect more than 100 different types of dragons to create your own warrior, from an egg to hatching into a huge dragon. 

In addition to collecting evidence, critics will also have to focus on collecting materials through strengthening these dragons. Utilize your resources and exploration level to tolerate Dragons. 

Research the game 

In this game, you need to research all the information and make the main activities in the game the thing you need to do most. Accordingly, players will have up to 6 dragons and in battle in PvE or PvP gameplay. What you need to do is unlock the full potential of each dragon to have a unique playstyle and use them in the right position. 

Dragon Village X: Idle RPG
Research the game

Level Up 

Players can upgrade their stats and evolve their dragon army to become much stronger. More specifically, players will witness an extremely interesting process from collecting eggs until they become big. 

With a fully automatic combat mechanism that takes place in the game, even if you do not need to intervene in battles, the results you can admire. 

Because this is a game of nature, you have to constantly confront monsters and overcome many levels in the game. Even if you don’t play online, your squad will still automatically fight to collect items for you.

Besides, players should interact with other gamers to be able to compete with more teams on the leaderboard. 


Features in Dragon Village X : Idle RPG?

The game features idle action, so you only need to be busy at first to be able to establish yourself a powerful dragon army and sit there waiting for the achievements that these dragons bring to you. 

What do players need to do in Dragon Village X?

In the game you need to collect all the dragons to form a fighting army. Collect items to make them stronger. 

Is it safe to download the game’s apk file?

The apk file of the game is completely safe for the user’s device. However, you need to make sure to access the correct link. You can refer to LMHMOD.

Download Dragon Village X: Idle RPG for Android iOS 

With its outstanding features and extremely interesting gameplay, this is definitely a game that you guys can take advantage of. You can become a hero for the entire planet thanks to your dragon force. Let’s fight hard to bring it back safely! 

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