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Dragon Quest V MOD game combines modern gameplay with classic stories.This is a combination of novelty and tradition that creates its own attraction. The game provides players with action sequences.LMHMOD will accompany you on adventures through the article.


In Dragon Quest V, you will play as a character named Pankraz to take on the challenges and quests of the game. Although there were countless difficulties when building and restoring a vast kingdom. But players need to learn from the experience of the king to be able to complete that difficult task, and at the same time protect the loved ones in the castle.

First you need to clearly define the relationship between the characters. If it is an enemy, you need to quickly destroy it so that the kingdom can be peaceful soon. You need to unite with the villagers to build a prosperous kingdom.

Unique features of the game

Chat with friends

During the game, you can chat with your comrades about how to play, battle strategy. Or invite each other to join the challenge to win the treasure. Each treasure in the game owns a lot of items and deserves to be called a huge wealth of people.

Auto control mode

Dragon Quest V provides players with automatic control by giving commands from the chat room. This feature brings an extremely interesting and new experience to players.

Game graphics and sounds

The graphics of Dragon Quest V are highly appreciated, similar to the famous games Kung Fu Street Fighting Hero, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Shadow of Death 2. Although keeping the image of the original, it has been coordinated. It has more accents and fresh colors, creating a smoother feeling when experienced. Everything in the game is displayed extremely sharply, from the main characters to the enemies that appear throughout the game.

The sound of the game is also carefully invested with the classic tunes of 16-bit games. In the midst of a forest of modern RPG games, Dragon Quest V brings a very distinct difference.


Level up quickly

In Dragon Quest V, there are many ways to increase the strength of your monster party. But the simplest and most effective is levelling up. When monsters are levelled up, their attributes will be boosted. Therefore, players need to work hard on training and Battle Road missions to get a lot of XP for their monsters.

Complete event quests

When you have completed the tasks of the game, what you get in return are extremely valuable rewards, which are new monsters unlocked with Scout tickets. Visit the Event Quest menu to find out what tasks you need to do. Here, the quests will be updated every day to ensure that you always have something to do.

Support character

A strong squad needs a balance between damage and support characters. Support characters have the task of healing, increasing the strength of teammates, and at the same time reducing the strength of the opponent. The proper arrangement of the characters to maximise their abilities also requires you to research carefully.

The privilege of a leader

Any team needs a leader. The leader role in Dragon Quest V has the task of leading an army of monsters to fight in accordance with the role and style of the team.

Some frequently asked questions about the game Dragon Quest V MOD

Does the game cost money?

All games at LMHMOD are free of charge. Players can download and install it easily. Besides, with the MOD unlocking feature, you can also buy in-game items for free.

Which age group is Dragon Quest V MOD suitable for?

Because the game has no violence and 18+ images, it is suitable for everyone. Children can also participate in the play, but parents need to observe and monitor the child’s play. This will help parents understand their child, and keep track of the game’s progress. If the parental limit is exceeded, the game can be stopped.

Is downloading games safe for mobile phones?

Usually, users are often worried when downloading games to their mobile phones. The biggest concern is viruses. Players can rest assured that LMHMOD always checks the download link before giving it to the player.

Download now DRAGON QUEST V MOD game for Android and iOS

Dragon Quest V MOD brings the ultimate entertainment space with sharp graphics and vibrant sound. At the same time, LMHMOD has taught you how to play properly. Download the game below to experience this great thing right away.

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