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Dragon & Elfs Mod is a simulation and puzzle game with familiar merge mechanics. Join the game, you will be taken to a fantasy land of elves and magic. Your mission is to save this land from destruction by evil dragons. But there’s no fighting here, just a light, relaxing fusion puzzle journey. You will merge at least 3 items together to create countless new things in your land. Moreover, you will create lovely creatures to manage the gardens. A beautiful world will appear before your eyes.

Download Dragon & Elfs Mod – Become the savior of the magical land

The game will bring you to the fantasy land of the Elves. There used to be a peace that lasted for hundreds of years until the dragons awakened and destroyed everything. They swallow forests, mountains, and rivers and turn this rich ecosystem into dark, dry land. The queen of the land led the Elves to fight and in the end, the enemy was repelled. However, now the queen needs someone to restore her land. Are you willing to do that?


Merge to create new things

As such, your task in this game is to restore the devastated areas. They are covered by darkness, which limits the development of all species from plants to animals and even Elves. To give life to all species, you need to learn the mechanism of unity. Specifically, you need to match at least 3 similar items to create new more advanced things. For example, if you match 3 Elf eggs, you will summon the elves again. If you match any 3 plants, you will create a new plant. Just like that, each of your matches will create miracles.

Miracles will bring new life to barren lands while discovering new species and creating new ecosystems. In particular, each of your merges will summon the Elves back to manage the garden. They will help you take care of your plants, unlock new plants and discover hidden treasures. You can upgrade them through several stages of development. The higher the level, the greater the power. So keep an eye on Elf upgrades to speed up the recovery of your magical land.


Discover mysterious treasures

Not only creatures and trees, the magical land in Dragon & Elfs Mod also contains many other wonderful things. Those can be treasure chests with infinite and precious resources. They will help you unlock and upgrade more. Besides, you can also find precious gems beneath the dark clouds. Many mystical creatures are also brought back to life thanks to your exploration. In general, there are many mysteries that you have never known. Take your time to explore everything.

Moreover, the magical Elf land consists of many different areas. In each area, it brings a separate ecosystem such as forest, desert, ocean, etc. Each ecosystem will include unique creatures, trees, and weather conditions. From there, the game brings a world of diversity and abundance to overwhelming. But you can’t explore them all in the first place. You need to go through the merging process to explore each region, thereby opening up many new locations. Many new resources are also unlocked when you set foot in new lands.


Meet lovely characters

The story of the game will have the participation of a series of lovable characters. They were the elves of the Elf land and creatures from the forests. Each character will have their own skills to help manage and develop your garden. Moreover, they come and bring interesting stories to discover every day. As you unlock new chapters, you have the opportunity to meet even more characters. Just like that, your story becomes more and more open, bringing endless inspiration.


Bright and colorful background

The game gives you a colorful experience space. It was a space in a fantasy Elf land. Each area on this land will have a different ecosystem with unique species of plants and animals. Their beauty will make you fall in love as if you were lost in a fairy tale world. Besides, the character design is equally lively. The fusion effects and vibrant soundtrack also bring joy and inspiration to gamers.

So are you ready for the adventure to the Elf land? Dragon & Elfs Mod will make you excited to immerse yourself in the fantasy world here. You are the one who explores and restores this world from the dead. Only with the fusion mechanism, you will make barren things fresh and full of life. Moreover, you will bring the Elves back to their homeland.

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