Dragon City Mobile Mod Hack APK 22.9.0 (Menu, God Mode, Massive Damage)

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Building and developing the city as a place for dragons to live is what you need to do in Dragon City Mobile. They become human pets. You will train your beast to become warriors, fighting with other dragons. They can lay eggs, hatching into baby dragons. Let’s create farms to raise baby dragons, feed them to grow bigger. Play and rest activities must be on time. Create favorable conditions for dragons to grow as quickly as possible. Each character has 5 levels corresponding to 5 *. When maxed, the power will be extremely terrible, can participate in peak battles. PvP mode you can compete with other dragon leaders in the world. Make friends, chat, learn from their dragon farming experience. Gain experience after each battle.

Download Dragon City Mobile Mod – Build your own dragon city

Starting from the first stages, you will let the mother dragon incubate her eggs and hatch into a baby dragon with a cute appearance. They are still small, so they do not have the strength, the ability to attack is still latent in the body that has not been released. Players will nurture them to grow bigger by feeding special fruits. When the dragon has evolved, to a higher level, the appearance will change, looking much more muscular. At that time you can bring your beast to fight with other opponents. After winning the match, you will receive the bonus, continue to buy more eggs, and incubate the mother dragon. Just like that, gradually the dragon farm will be formed. Diverse, many different genres for you to choose from. Pay attention to the separation of habitats between species. Because each dragon species will have its own characteristics, appropriate environmental conditions are needed to develop. The higher the level, the larger they will be. Attack and defense are also much stronger.

Dragon City Mobile mod apk

Huge Dragon Collection

More than 1000 species of dragons for you to breed, forming a powerful army. Collect items to unlock new dragons. Build a more developed dragon city, many high-quality farms, and breeding areas. Each type of dragon has its own way of raising. When hatching, you need to sort and separate them immediately to ensure the highest survival rate. The common food of all species is fruit. Let’s plant apple trees in the garden, create a food source that ensures the best nutrients for dragons to grow.

Dragon City Mobile game mod


As soon as the eggs hatch into baby dragons, start training your dragons. For them to become warriors, capable of fighting, will take a lot of time and effort. Feed the dragon daily, do physical exercises to help the body absorb energy faster. Initially, they were very small in size, quite cute, and funny in appearance. Through the process of training, gradually muscles will be formed, firmer. The body also grows larger, much more muscular. Now they can join you in the fight.


You should notice in the combatant section showing the dragons you own. The top of each category will show what level they are at. There are 5 levels corresponding to 5 *. When it first hatches, the dragon is already level 1 by default. Upgrade power stats to improve the combat ability to be higher. On the dragon battlefield, the beast with a weaker level will lose, and the physical strength will be reduced because of too much attack power. Use your character with level 5* to join the battle. Grant warriors certain powers so they can do more in this city.

Dragon City Mobile game mod hack

Graphics and sound

Dragon City Mobile Hack is built and developed on a 3D graphics platform. The images of dragons are designed quite delicately, with high realism. Especially the effects of dragon spraying fire, freezing, spraying water are extremely beautiful. In reality, you will never see such scenes. Only in this gameplay can players admire the beauty of the legendary dragon. Not only the picture, but the sound quality is also extremely good. Dragon sounds are classified by level. After evolving, they will have extremely attractive new sounds.

Dragon City Mobile mod apk

Simple gameplay helps to relax, entertain and relieve stress. In the battle, you will not need to perform too many operations. When it’s your turn, just choose the skill you want to use, the dragon warrior will automatically rush to attack his opponent. The two sides keep fighting in turn until a loser is found. Each battle won, you will receive 1 amount of coins and useful items. Use this reward to upgrade the strength of the warriors. Download Dragon City Mobile Mod with dragons to join the fierce battle.

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