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Dragon Battle Mod is one of the best games in dragon world theme. It has attracted millions of players, and now it’s your turn. This game will bring you into the world of dragons, where you can collect, care for, breed, and train dragons. From the eggs, you will nurture to turn them into mighty warriors. Not only physical or strength, but your dragon will also become more and more beautiful as you level up. Besides, they will help you conquer battles with monsters and bring back the loot. You will need them to build the dragon island of your dreams. Are you ready to do that? Let’s start your dragon island project from now on.

Download Dragon Battle Mod – Addictive adventure in the dragon world

There are many dragon games on the market right now, but Dragon Battle is still the best. It is carefully designed from gameplay to content system and images. Thereby, it will help you discover and enjoy everything about dragons. Your main task in the game is to build dragon islands and participate in wars. These two tasks take place simultaneously cyclically with unlimited progress. You will fight to earn gold coins and use them to build islands. On the contrary, you will build islands and develop and upgrade dragons to bring to the battlefield the greatest warriors. That’s what happens in this game.


Collect and train dragons

At the beginning of the game, you are taken to a deserted island with a long life. Here, you can find the first dragon eggs. But before unlocking dragon eggs, you need to build a habitat for them. Different dragon systems will be compatible with different environments. For example, fire dragons will live in lava land, earth dragons will live in forests, and water dragons will live in the ocean… You need to understand each dragon system well to build a unique dragon ecosystem on the island. Next, you just need to unlock the dragon eggs and hatch them. After a certain amount of time, dragon eggs will hatch into young.

And so on, you can upgrade baby dragons to mature and legendary dragons. Their appearance and strength will change as the upgrade progresses. Each dragon has important stats like HP, damage, defense, and elemental. The higher the level, the bigger these stats, which means the stronger the dragon will be. Not only the strength, but the appearance of the dragons is also becoming more and more perfect. You will have the opportunity to admire the warriors with toned bodies and large wings. They will make you overwhelmed and excited every time you look at them. In particular, when dragons reach adulthood, they will be ready to mate and give birth.


Join the idle dragon battle

There are many ways to test the ability of each dragon warrior in Dragon Battle Mod. But the most fun way is to put them in the arena. Here, you will encounter dragons and other legendary monsters. They have the same strength and level as your warriors. So these wars will be a reasonable challenge to test the dragon lineup. To join the war, you will choose a certain number of warriors to team up. Entering the arena, dragon warriors will automatically attack the target. Your job is simply to enjoy the amazing skill moves. Don’t forget to keep in mind the experience gained from each battle to improve your strategy.


Breed to create new dragon species

Besides the dragon systems available in the game, you can create many new types and species yourself. To do that, you need to pick out two adult dragons and breed them. Any dragon type can participate in this process. And their offspring will carry the DNA of both father and mother dragons. Therefore, hybrid dragons often have superior strength than usual. That’s how you own new generations of dragons that are increasingly progressive. However, the process of breeding and hatching eggs will be quite resource-intensive. You need to accumulate gold coins and food to upgrade your progress.


Lovely and colorful pictures

This game does not impress too much with the visual style. It only owns the typical 2D graphics platform like many other games of the same genre. But it depicts dragons in detail with a unique appearance. Although not as innovative, the dragon system in this game is still quite impressive. You will see legendary dragon warriors with beautiful physiques and eye-catching skill effects. Besides, the background of dragon island is also very bright and colorful. So you will have a relaxing and pleasant experience here.

Are you ready for the exciting adventure on dragon island? Let Dragon Battle Mod take you there and write a new story. You can collect and train dragons, participate in fun dragon wars and explore many fairy tales. This is truly a paradise for those who love dragons. A series of unique dragon systems will be unlocked during your experience. Are you excited to see their high-end look?

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