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Coming to Jellipop Match, you will be delighted to live in the world of sweets. Beautiful like a paradise in pictures but full of mystery. The story is about the Jelly Island kingdom on a tropical island where many people live and work. This place was originally very peaceful when an evil witch destroyed it. Causing everything to stop working. Bingo is one of the youngest and most talented, so he decided to find a way to restore and rebuild his hometown back to its original form. Join the gameplay, you will role-play and help the guy complete the mission. Start your island-building journey while exploring the vast ocean. Thereby the secrets of the pirate ship will be gradually revealed. The lead of the plot in the game will give many difficult challenges for players.

Download Jellipop Match Mod – The way to restore the kingdom

Jelly Island under heavy destruction by witches has made life difficult for the people. So the first thing is to find a way to scare her away. The gameplay is also very simple, you just need to move 3 similar candies lined up in a row to explode bubbles to collect drops of jelly. Don’t worry about difficulties because when participating will appear companions and always help in every game screen. Completing that quest will take you further, one level away from being a new improvement for the kingdom. At the same time, you will unlock hundreds of different styles of furniture. Run your shops in town. This is also the time for players to show off their design skills. In addition, the game also opens many different interesting game modes waiting for you to explore and conquer.

Tai Jellipop Match mod apk

Style play

Jellipop Match Mod has simple gameplay. It’s a very familiar match in 3 games. Manipulate directly on the candy squares on the phone screen. Just control the balls of the same shape in a line, you will get points and complete the goal of the given screen. If you reach the required amount, you will pass the stage and then move on to a more difficult challenge. The important task of the player is to explore all the gems hidden under the sparkling crystals. Search for explosives and tornadoes that will make the attack more powerful. Help pass the game screen easily.

Ear game Jellipop Match mod

Rich interior

The interesting thing in Jellipop Match is that players will have a creative experience in furniture design. The different stores are individually furnished and arranged by themselves. So you can freely build your own space according to your personal preferences. Use the gold coins obtained from the winning stages to buy special equipment for the house. Build a small garden and raise many lovely pets. The higher the level, the more luxurious and beautiful you can unlock. This is really the dream life that many people dream of.

Missions and challenges

Jellipop Match has many interesting challenges for players to play in each level. Initially simple tasks. You just need to achieve the number of points that the game requires. It’s very easy to get because the candy boxes at a relatively small level help quickly gain many trophies after just a few clicks. But later on, it will be to break the lock, free the candies that are frozen to protect and help the trapped objects to be freed. It was really difficult to complete it in such a short time. But this is also the point that makes the gameplay not boring.

Jellipop Match mod

Graphics and sound

Jellipop Match delivers picture quality that is appreciated by many players. Because the graphics are designed in vivid 3D, bright colors. Use a cute cartoon-style brush. The characters and small details in the gameplay are carefully considered. Open up a relaxing space every time you play the game. Background music is moderate, fun to listen to. You can customize the volume or turn off the music in the settings according to your personal needs. And certainly with the graphics and sound of this game will help you enjoy moments of entertainment in a sweet virtual world.

Jellipop Match mod apk

With simple gameplay that combines a separate interior world according to preferences. With a lovely visual design, Jellipop Match is suitable for all people and ages. Gameplay brings moments of entertainment. At the same time, it also stimulates the conquest of players with more than 3000 thousand levels. Compete with friends on leaderboards. Try to experience and discover a lot of interesting things hidden in this game.

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