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Grow your hair very long to be able to overcome extremely dangerous challenges and pitfalls. That’s what you will be doing when participating in the Hair Challenge. Players will play a female character starting from the finish line with short hair. Then when there is a signal from the system, move quickly forward. If there are hairs appearing, please control your character to come and collect them all. This will make your hair stronger and longer. Face many dangerous traps such as Sawtooth, fence, sledgehammer, scissors, etc…. Then, if unavoidable, the character’s hair will be cut short. Calculate the length so that the finish line is as long as possible. To be able to score the maximum number of points, receive an attractive gift from the system.

Download Hair Challenge Mod – Nurture your special hair

Players can easily customize the color of their hair to their liking. Hair Challenge Mod has an extremely diverse system of hair types. Various genres for the most demanding gamers. Don’t pay attention to the color of the hairstyles that appear on your journey. Please collect quickly and accurately because no matter what type, it will help your hair become longer and stronger. After each level, please proceed to maintain your hair. This will help restore strength, prepare for the next journey to take place most smoothly. Use the bonuses you get after completing each mission to unlock more new items. In addition to being able to customize the hair to your liking, you can also change the style of dress for your character.

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On the journey to the finish line, you will definitely meet and have to overcome countless obstacles and difficult challenges. It can cause you to stop the game at any time. The gameplay is quite simple, with just clicking on the screen to control the character to move left and right as you like. Dodge dangerous traps and obstacles. Try to keep your hair as long as possible. Then the number of points achieved will be enough to receive the maximum reward. Enjoy shopping for items and equipment that you like easily. A small note for you is to learn about the structure of each level before starting. Make it easier to conquer.

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Grow long hair

In fact, growing a hair ten of meters in length is extremely difficult and almost impossible. But for Hair Challenge Mod, this is extremely simple. When collecting 1 set of hair, the length will increase from 1-3m. There will be no limit at all, so try to collect as many as possible. Be careful and do not be fooled because it is possible that behind those hairs will be an extremely dangerous trap. It will make you stop the game in a very regretful way. Observe all developments carefully to make the best choice.

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Game mode

This gameplay has 4 main modes for you to choose from: Hacker, Good, Noob, and Pro. Depending on the preferences of each person, you can choose the type that you like to experience. Each mode will have a separate difficulty level. Challenge yourself with the most difficult and challenging levels. In Noob mode, you can practice with the machine, learn about how dangerous traps and obstacles work. If you want to challenge yourself, come to Pro. Here gather all the most difficult challenges that publishers have posed.

Stunning graphics

Hair Challenge is appreciated by many players with extremely beautiful 3D graphics. But it is designed in a humorous style, extremely entertaining. Bringing players a lot of fun and laughter. Sound effects every time you collect items, when you reach the finish line, hit obstacles, etc. Everything is stress-free. The publisher has optimized so the game size is very light despite the extremely high-quality graphics.

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Hair Challenge has speed, rhythm, not too fast. So that everyone, even if they are new to the game, can easily get acquainted and approach. Along with that, the challenges will not be too difficult. However, after you have understood the gameplay and reached a higher level, this will no longer exist. You have to combine many elements to win. Practice daily with many different modes to improve your skills and reflexes.

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