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Dangerous Fellows will transport you to a world in turmoil. It all stems from an outbreak of a virus of unknown origin causing epidemics everywhere. The whole city was filled with corpses due to the strong onslaught of zombies. Fortunately, there are still some survivors, including a girl full of enthusiasm and desire to live. After days of tormenting hunger, she decided to risk her life to go out in search of food. The zombies quickly detected and began to chase their prey. On the way to escape, she received the help of strange boys and brought her to a shelter. The 5 guys are all graduate students of a famous school. They are looking for ways to research to find the source and how to overcome this disease. Here will appear new details in her life. Have love, friends, and teammates. Let’s find a way to fight together to stay alive in this horrible pandemic. Join the gameplay, the player will transform into the character and discover the mysteries behind the story.

Download Dangerous Fellows Mod – Survive with talented researchers

Because Dangerous Fellows Mod has a plot like a novel. So most of it is the appearance of the communication scene between the characters through the image. You will get through this terrifying moment with the help of the boys. The gameplay is very simple, just press continues to follow their conversation. Then look for the given goal and execute the assigned challenges. Completing excellent missions will receive a certain amount of money, especially diamonds. Then use the rewards to open your favorite items for the battle. The gameplay has a mix of horror, romance, and combat that opens up 7 different endings to the story. So how you end up is completely up to you.

Dangerous Fellows mod

Style play

The conversations of the characters you need to observe closely to understand the problem and find out the important details. Then press continues to switch to another conversation. You will work with your companion to perform the assigned tasks. When participating in the war, if unfortunately being hit by attacks from zombies will injure the character. Depending on the extent of the wound, the number of blood changes. If the attack is too strong, it will reduce the amount of health that will put you in a dangerous state. Stay calm and use agility to avoid zombie damage.

Dangerous Fellows mod apk

Team selection

The 5 characters are all graduate students from the same school. But they all have different personalities. Players will be able to choose the person most suitable for them to coordinate the task harmoniously. Ethan is a strong guy who likes sports, using a baseball bat that can take down zombies with just one hit. Eugene and Harry are always close to protecting the heroine. Zion always holds a stick in his hand ready to attack the enemy at all times. Lawrence always comes up with clever escape plans. The male character’s verbal actions will influence the course and outcome of the story. That’s why Dangerous Fellows has succeeded in stimulating the curiosity of players.

Exciting challenge

Sometimes, you will be startled by the zombie names with a horror appearance when participating in the game. And surprise attacks, they may be lurking around you or right behind. This is a story so the details will be unpredictable. That will give players real emotions. All have to be discovered for themselves. Surely with 7 endings together, the gameplay will bring you interesting experiences.

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Graphics and sound

Dangerous Fellows builds extremely beautiful graphics. X anime world by 3D design visuals. The characters are shaped differently according to the Japanese animation style, all very beautiful and lively. Sometimes makes you feel like you are reading a comic book. The background music is sometimes thrilling, creating a feeling of horror and suspense in every second. The horrible sound of zombies, or the female lead’s panicky scream. Or the sound of moving footsteps, the sound of weapons is clear. But sometimes it’s sweet and innocent, making players fall in love.

Dangerous Fellows mod

Dangerous Fellows gives players a lot of thrilling and exciting, fresh content. The gameplay is simple and easy but requires quick manipulation. Create unique characters. The outcomes given are the most interesting for players to explore. Join the gameplay to be transformed into the main character of the story. Use your fighting skills to defeat the zombies and survive this horrible pandemic.

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