Dirty Revolver Mod APK 4.1.0 (Unlimited Money) for Android iOS

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Do you want to become a real cowboy and travel around the West of America? Let’s transform into a hero and destroy bad guys to “Hunting Bounties”. Please download and install the game Dirty Revolver to discover the exciting gameplay. 

Introduction Dirty Revolver

Dirty Revolver is a new extremely unique game product launched at the end of 2020. The game has a shooting nature and is based on skills to perform tasks. The ability to use guns, hit and choose the right moment for you.

Dirty Revolver
Dirty Revolver is a new extremely unique game product launched at the end of 2020

As we said above, this game is a shooting game and However, unlike today’s difficult games, you have to run around the map to find objects before starting the fight. . Dirty Revolver player tasks will be much simpler. 

Background Dirty Revolver

Set in the American West in the 18th century when cowboys roamed the area of ​​this land. You will play the character with a dark childhood and witness the scene where you and your family were killed, only luckily your father brought you out of death. 

Grow up with hatred and it’s time for you to avenge your loved ones, destroy the child named Wesley and his gang. Going through many fiery gun battles on the terrain, you probably already know where you are strong. 

Fight with the enemy 

You and both are destined to face off against each other in the Tropic of Cancer and each side is proficient in a weapon. When not fighting, the character will automatically seek refuge, just wait until there is an order to attack, then fight. 

Players need to get out of the safe zone to discharge bullets and only you know how to dodge bullets. Practice a lot and you will master that skill. Besides, players need to choose the most wise time to be able to defend as well as attack with a good strategy. 


In the movies, we must have seen a lot of CowboysHowever, it is very difficult to convert it into a game. In that competition, players should focus on hitting the target with a large amount of damage to be able to make the enemy lose all their health. More specifically, clicking on the head will double the damage. 

Dirty Revolver

Some levels in the game also recreate the horse racing of this cowboy. Not only showing the ability to race horses, but the character will also show his ability through gunfight. 


To reach the ultimate goal of killing Wesley to avenge his family, the player must go through many challenges. You will have to open different missions with the aim of weakening its army and opening many secrets in the desert. 

There are four lands 

Players will operate on all four different lands including: Cold Water, Spring Day, DirtyCity and Dark Water. Each land is a different chain of events linked to form a “Hidden” story. 

Upgrade weapons

Join the game, you will feel like you are fighting a Mafia force. From start to finish, there is no help from anyone else, but only you to move on your own. That’s why it’s so important to upgrade guns. 


with a certain amount of money and you can use that money to upgrade your strength. Since my game has just been released, there are many things that have not been upgraded. You can only buy more super cool guns with great destructive power to destroy opponents. 

Dirty Revolver

Humidity speed and reloading time are very important, detailed statistics. However, depending on the case, you use different types of guns to promote their use. 


Dirty Revolver has extremely realistic visuals that recreate the cowboy countryside before the 19th century. This game is equipped with a super cool arsenal. Although there are not many beautiful guns, it has been considered complete with an extremely bold Western context. 

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What to do in Dirty Revolver?

In this game you will transform into a cowboy and explore the American West. Not stopping there, you have to avenge your whole family for being shot and killed by Wesley. 

Is it possible to play offline in Dirty Revolver? 

Players can join this game in Online mode and if you do not have an internet connection, you cannot access it. 

Is the apk file of the game Dirty Revolver safe or not? 

The apk file of the game is absolutely safe, if you download it through the LMHMOD.

Download Dirty Revolver APK for Android IOS

Show your ingenuity and intelligence to help the cowboy in the revenge game for his whole family. You can download and install the game Dirty Revolver for free through the link we provide otherwise it will cost you about $0.99. 

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