Dead Target – Kill Zombies 4.80.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money) Download

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Dead Target Mod is an action game fighting with Zombies, inspired by the attractive context and storyline of the game that VNG GAME STUDIOS has taken as a theme to create an interesting style. Developed on the Android platform, since its launch, the game has attracted a large number of players, up to now, the number has reached more than 70 million downloads distributed all over the world. . It can be said that the developer has been very successful in creating such a Zombie game that attracts customers, up to now Dead Target Mod is free to download and can be played on both iOS and Android platforms to help all audiences. customers easily access and experience.

Download Dead Target Mod – Kill Zombies

In the year 2040, when social science events develop, people have developed very strongly in modern advanced technologies, which is a great turning point of human civilization. Human ambition is bottomless, World War 3 broke out when a company called MZ invented a technique to improve corpses into Zombies. The defense minister has agreed to sign a contract with this company to turn dead soldiers and captive prisoners into Zombies to fight to destroy the armies of other countries, instead of using the weapons. Soldiers are part of the army. But a surprise happened, the MZ company broke the contract and used its technique to activate the death mode that turns everyone in the world into Zombies and aspires to become world hegemony.Game Dead Target Mod

Survive or become a mummy

To start its plan, the company MZ has started testing in one city before going global, which also proves the threat to other countries about the danger and spread of this disease. . Faced with the threat of human extinction, the government sent an army to examine and probe the situation, but unfortunately, that was their end. You are in the army sent with M, two lucky people survived the tribulation, but the Zombies are not easily forgiven. At that time, you must choose to stand still and wait for death to turn into a mummy or return alive.

Dead Target mod

Style play

Unlike other action games with interesting gameplay when fighting, Hack Dead Target forces players to stand still and not move, which helps to increase fear, suspense as well as stimulation for players. player. In addition, the Zombie names will appear suddenly and you can not predict where and when they will appear. They have very annoying skills when they can withstand hundreds of bullets, vomit acid, or Zombie dogs appear, it will rush straight to you without being able to react. To be able to survive players need to rely on their skills, if you want to destroy zombies you need to have the skills to observe and aim properly at their heads, then zombies will be destroyed easily.Dead Target Mod

Own powerful guns

Dead Target Mod is a shooting genre, so players will be able to own powerful guns such as machine guns, laser guns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, etc. Each gun will have its own power and characteristics. Different players will have to choose the right gun for them to kill the zombies easily. At the beginning of the game you will be able to use pistols and MP5 guns, gradually you will meet stronger zombies before that, guns with damage will be the right choice. for you. To own those guns, players need to pass the levels and accumulate some money to unlock them, upgrading their guns to become stronger than before is very necessary for you. Unforgettable.

Dead Target mod apk

Graphic design

With sharp 3D graphic design released by VNG GAME STUDIOS publisher based on Utility Engine 4.0 platform, players will experience excellent image quality. Combined with the attractive effects that players can feel when shooting guns and defeating zombies, or the gloomy background sometimes has fear. In addition, the game’s configuration is also stable to help players experience smooth with interesting features of the game. Besides, the sound effects of Dead Target Mod are also great, for example, the sound scenes will be different, when you shoot the gun will create a very realistic sound along with the screams of zombies.

Dead Target mod android

When downloading the Mod version of the game Dead Target Mod, players will experience the attractive unlimited money feature, then you can freely shop for your favorite guns or buy support items for your loved ones. his character. The game is entertaining so that players will have moments of relaxation when downloading and exploring. You will be the decisive key to help the world avoid the tribulation of becoming zombies.

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