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Dangerous Fellows Mod is an Otome dating game with a zombie setting. This is strange, isn’t it? But the game will make you fascinated when participating in the new and fascinating dating storyline. You can interact with 5 hot and cool boys in your journey against zombies. The world fell into chaos as the pandemic passed and left a lot of frenzied corpses. You need to choose the right people to be with and side by side in this fight. Furthermore, you will choose to determine the nature of your relationships, from which to explore romantic or traumatic episodes is up to you. A good storyline, beautiful anime visuals, and well-organized dialogue, that’s what makes this game.

Download Dangerous Fellows Mod – Interactive otome game with survival element

Perhaps this is a rare game that combines intuitive interactive gameplay with survival elements in a post-apocalyptic setting. At the beginning of the game, you will be alerted through the news on television. It is about the most terrible pandemic in human history. Zombies are flooding the cities and you are no exception. While trying to hide from the deadly zombies, you were saved by five strange graduate students. They take you back to a school building, which is a shelter for many other survivors. From then on, you will join them in their research and fight against zombies. Through your choices, you decide what happens to you next.


Discover unique characters

The story content of the game is built around 5 character lines, which are 5 attractive researchers who saved you from the beginning of the game. They have their own personalities and stories, but they are all interesting and intriguing to your curiosity. There is Lawrence with a kind and sweet heart, Eugene who is extremely caring but always acting cold, Zion with the ability to use swords, and finally Ethan and Harry. You have the right to choose one of them to discover your story. But you can also accompany 5 characters in situations to create a rich and detailed story.

You will interact with the characters through selection. The game will often ask you questions with answers. You need to think carefully before choosing because it will affect what happens next. Besides, the game’s mission system also contributes to promoting the interaction between you and the characters. You and them will go through survival challenges together as they search for food and resources on the streets crowded with zombies. Every guy is interested in you, but you have the right to choose who to date. If your relationship with them is good enough, you will access interesting romantic episodes.


Choose and enjoy your ending

Your journey in Dangerous Fellows Mod is a series of choices – outcomes. It’s the most popular way to play interactive games and dating sims. However, this game is built according to a well-organized storyline with many chapters. As a result, choices and outcomes both make sense and help open up many intriguing scenarios. The resulting events influence and relate to each other through the bindings of your characters and choices. So after the selection sequence, you will get your end out of the available results.

So, how many endings are there in this game? No one can answer unless you explore the game yourself. You can go back many times to choose differently in each situation, thereby getting new endings. How are you waiting for an ending? Will you die when attacked by zombies, or will you live happily with the graduate student of your dreams? Don’t forget to design your character’s costume to experience the story in excitement. Any ending makes sense if you’re really satisfied and immersed in the story.


Attractive and modern anime design

This game is aimed at young players. So it is designed with a modern and youthful anime style. It highlights the character images with personality, handsome appearance, and well-organized dialogue. Moreover, the game context changes flexibly according to the story situation, bringing a sense of realism. The catchy and sweet melodies also contribute to the emotion. Enjoy these in your dating adventure.


Dangerous Fellows Mod will not let you down with what it brings. This game brings a novelty in the story and gameplay when combining the dating genre with survival. This will be an interesting place for you to immerse yourself in an adventure with elements of romance, suspense, tragedy, and many other emotions. It is you who will decide the relationships and the ending of the story.

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