Dancing Sky 3 2.0.0 (Unlimited Gems) Download

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Dancing Sky 3 Mod is a music game from the publisher AMANOTES PTE LTD. The game takes you into an impressive 3D space. Here, you control the ball to create a complete track. With vibrant music rhythms, enjoy great music created by yourself. In particular, each melody during the playing process will be changed flexibly. The tempo increases quickly, slowly with each note of the song you play. At the same time, the environment also changes, giving you an extremely interesting experience. Not stopping there, the developer offers a lot of attractive features. From game levels, obstacles to impressive environments. Help you be immersed in lively music.

Download Dancing Sky 3 Mod – Immerse yourself in Exciting Songs

The graphics of Dancing Sky 3 Mod are the factors that make this game attractive in the eyes of players. The environment takes place in a virtual space, designed in sharp 3D. The effect is changed every time the ball hits the next music box. Along with the effect that follows the ball throughout the journey. At the same time, the shape of the obstacle is very impressive. They are placed on each square, often appearing in many different places, around the direction of the ball. Every time the ball touches the new music box, the obstacles will automatically collapse. This gives you the excitement of enjoying the thrill. Mix tension through each melody throughout the play.Download Dancing Sky 3 Mod

The game offers a lot of different music tracks. They are all famous songs around the world. Performed by top singers and musicians. Each track in Dancing Sky 3 Mod is represented through the path of the ball. With so many melodies appearing in one song. With fast, slow tempo is changed corresponding to each melody of the song you are playing. In particular, the sound of the game is simulated extremely impressive. With vibrant music melodies, along with the artist’s singing are reproduced very realistically.Tai Dancing Sky 3 Mod

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of Dancing Sky 3 Mod has a musical style. Here, you control the ball to pass the squares in a game screen. Each square corresponds to a separate musical melody. Every time the ball hits a square, a melody of the track is created. At the same time, you will enjoy the music created by yourself. By controlling the ball accurately to land on the next square. Passing each square in the game screen in turn, you will create complete music. It means completing the mission. You can continue to step into new levels, discover more interesting music.Dancing Sky 3 Mod

Increasing difficulty

Each song in Dancing Sky 3 Mod corresponds to a level. With a lot of worlds, songs are integrated into the game. Corresponds to a lot of different levels of play. However, every time step to a new level. The difficulty will be increased, more obstacles appear. The tempo will be changed in many different styles. It can be fast or slow depending on the melody of the song. In addition, every time you complete a track, you will receive a lot of diamonds.

Ball movement, control mechanism

In Dancing Sky 3 Mod the movement of the ball is always forward. With lots of different movements like jumping, rolling, and flying. Depends on the music in the game. The wall will be changed, from which the shadow will have a corresponding movement. At the same time, the control system of the game is quite simple. Designed in an idle style, making it easy to control. You can even get used to the gameplay right from the first screen. Just touch and swipe in the desired direction, the ball will move according to your direction. From there will avoid obstacles appear. As well as creating a complete soundtrack.Game Dancing Sky 3 Mod

Throughout the process of playing Dancing Sky 3 Mod. The diamonds often appear in many different locations, located on squares. Collect them to unlock new songs. Or the golden star appears, after you touch, the environment will change to a new space. As well as the tempo will be changed accordingly. Help you be immersed in attractive music melodies. Enjoy exciting songs, and a series of different challenges to face.

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