Dancing Road: Color ball run 1.10.5 (Full Money/Lives/AD-Free)

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Dancing Road: Color ball run Mod is a vibrant and addictive music game with extremely simple gameplay. Here, you can become talented artists by playing ball to the music. Just touch one hand on the screen to control your ball moving on the track and enjoy the fun EDM songs. Besides, you can enjoy a colorful experience space in the magical 3D space in the universe of thousands of stars. This game has a complete playlist of the most popular songs and is constantly updated. So it promises to bring you the most modern and trendy music levels today.

Download Dancing Road: Color ball run Mod – Classical music gameplay

Classical music is back in Dancing Road: Color ball run but in a new setting. It offers colorful running tracks and upbeat music to play and enjoy. The “main characters” in this game are balls with many unique colorful skins. You’ll interact with them on the screen to complete the notes to your favorite song. Choose the right lane for your ball to score the perfect score. If you choose wrong, you will interrupt the flow of music.


Modern and catchy playlist

The most important element in a music game is the songs. Because it is the soul of the music playing levels, contributing to the “listening part” in the player’s experience. So, Dancing Road: Color Ball Run has invested heavily in its music with a series of new and modern songs. You can find EDM songs with upbeat beats. But besides that, it also has no shortage of gentle and emotional songs. That is, it owns playlists with many different genres and styles of music. In addition, a series of new hits from famous groups such as BlackPink, iKON, BigBang … are also constantly updated. Thanks to that, this game can satisfy a large number of global players. That’s why it has reached more than 100 million installs on Google Play.

In addition, the musical element is also combined with the sounds of the pounding of the ball on the running track. Those two fast tones blend together harmoniously, creating smooth and complete musical flows. However, you can only hear that wonderful sound when you complete your music well. A small mistake also creates an unpleasant sound and it is part of the defect in the song. That’s what any artist wouldn’t want, right?


Play music with your fingers

No need to be too fussy in the gameplay, Dancing Road: Color Ball Run Mod still makes you addicted to the levels of playing music with your fingers. Running tracks will be displayed before your eyes on the vertical screen. And your job is to swipe your hand left or right to control your color ball. Choose the correct lane that matches the color of the ball. From there, you can play tracks and enjoy them in vivid 3D.

Everything sounds easy, right? But the game’s music levels can confuse you as their difficulty increases over time. You will see the ball run faster, there are more turns and steeper roads on the track. At that time, controlling the ball is no longer as easy as it was when the music speed was slow. So this game will offer challenges suitable for many players, from newbies to super masters.

Collect rewards and accumulate points

Train hard on musical tracks and you will receive many valuable rewards. With the completion of levels, players will get the opportunity to unlock many new skins and new music. Dozens of songs are available in the game’s playlist, but you need to prove that you have enough energy to play it. So, prove your musical skills and take on increasingly difficult challenges.

In addition, with the number of points gained after each level, you will accumulate your points on the global leaderboard. You will find there are millions of other players with the same goal as you, which is to get high rankings. Compete with them and show them who the real artist is in Dancing Road: Color Ball Run.


Simple but beautiful graphics

We are really impressed with the colorful and creative backgrounds of this game. It makes the player’s experience space always full of positive energy and mystery. The starry universe or the natural scenery filled with warm sunshine will immerse you in a moment of true relaxation. So, really can not complain about the beauty that the game brings.

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run Mod is a gift for music lovers around the world. So far, it has owned a huge community of players, amounting to hundreds of millions of players. So perhaps not much needs to be said about the attractiveness that it brings. Vibrant, modern songs, beautiful art scenes, and addictive gameplay mechanics… make for the perfect mobile experience.

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