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Misty Continent: Cursed Island Mod is a strategy game that was just released not long ago. This game will take you on an endless adventure journey through mysterious islands. Your goal is to find hidden treasures inside different lands. These treasures are rumored to bring tremendous power to those who possess them. You will set out to find treasure with a group of the crew. Join them to build, mine resources, and fight against pirates. Many missions and challenges are waiting for your team ahead. Go far to discover many interesting stories!

Download Misty Continent: Cursed Island Mod – Treasure hunt adventure

This game is a story adventure journey. Its appeal comes from the careful investment in content chapters. According to the original plot, an ancient legend has it that the sea gods left 7 hidden treasures in the ocean. They carry great power or terrible destruction depending on how you use them. Just one treasure is enough to make a person extraordinary. But only the one who owns all 7 treasures becomes the king of the sea. Are you that person?


Build your stronghold

The allure of treasure has brought you here – a mysterious land. Thus, you have opened the first chapter of the story and interesting things are waiting for you ahead. As soon as you arrive in this land, your task is to build a stronghold for the expedition group. If you don’t know where to start, look at the quest system displayed on the left side of the screen. In each chapter, the game will prepare you for a series of tasks from easy to difficult. In particular, the task of building and strengthening the stronghold is always a top priority.

To build, you need resources such as wood, stone, metal, and even gems. You can find them somewhere on the map. Send your expedition team there and mine the resources. But to maintain mining and construction, you need to ensure an abundant food source. Initially, food will come from nature. But the best way to build a constant source of food is to grow and harvest it yourself. You can unlock crops, take care of the farm, and harvest crops.


Recruit the strongest heroes

Besides construction and mining tasks, Misty Continent: Cursed Island Mod also brings many other interesting things for you. Accordingly, your expedition party is always being followed by other pirate crews. They can appear at any time and take away the resources you have. So you need the most powerful team of heroes to defend. Each hero will have his own skills and advantages. Choose who is suitable for each position in the squad.

To build a squad, you just need to click on the corresponding hero and unit card. Next, send them to the battlefield and join the battle with the enemy. These battles will take place with an automatic mechanism. In other words, heroes and units like fortresses, gunners, etc. will automatically attack the target. If they win, they will bring the trophy and bonus to you. Use this bonus to continuously upgrade your pirate crew. You need the most powerful heroes to defend your stronghold.


Explore mysterious lands

As the story progresses, you will gradually unlock new chapters and new content. In each chapter, you will have the opportunity to set foot in new lands or explore new areas. Each region and land carries its own mysteries. You need to take the time to explore and explore it until you complete all the quests and find the precious treasure. Not stopping there, the game will expand your journey to many other places. Enemies will follow your every step. So let’s fight to the last moment.


Vivid 2D graphic style

This game is built with a 2D combined 3D graphic style. Thereby, everything in the game appears vivid and detailed on the experience screen. The images of buildings, characters, resources, and more are all quite realistic. Each activity from construction and mining to harvesting and fighting was also very exciting. Eye-catching combat effects make pirate battles more interesting. Moreover, music and sound effects also contribute to boosting your emotions.

So are you ready for the journey with Misty Continent: Cursed Island Mod? Now is the time to adventure through mysterious lands and hunt for your treasure. Explore many places and strengthen strongholds and teams for a chance to beat every challenge. If you are brave and patient enough, you will get the treasure and become the king of the sea.

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