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Crush Them All Mod is an idle role-playing game. Unleash exciting story-driven battles. As a righteous hero, your mission is to fight against the devil. The goal is to rescue the captured princess. The game is played in an idle style. With combat operations between heroes and enemies taking place automatically. Provided by the developer with a lot of unique features. It is possible to set up automatic combat even when you are absent. Experience thousands of attractive levels in story mode. Or accompany other heroes in clan battles. Together against the giant boss. Also, have the opportunity to discover many different items to increase the strength of the hero. Easily win the fierce battle.

Download Crush Them All Mod – Battles Against Demons To Rescue The Princess

The story of Crush Them All Mod revolves around the fight against the devil. Before that, the hero Luka and the princess were walking in a forest. Suddenly appeared a giant monster, possessing terrifying power. He quickly captured and brought the princess back to demon territory. At this time, hero Luka is determined to rescue the princess from the demons. A challenging adventure awaits ahead. Because you will have to face countless cruel demons. They will attack to stop, to take the hero’s life. Play as a hero to start the journey to rescue the princess. You will have the opportunity to meet other heroes. It is possible to form a group with them to fight the enemy. Destroy all of them to conquer all difficulties.Crush Them All Mod

More than 1000 levels, difficulty

Based on the story mode of the game Crush Them All Mod. With more than 1000 challenging levels waiting for you to conquer. Each level opens a war, taking place in an idle style. The hero will automatically move and fight the demons. After successfully destroying the energy orb that appears at the bottom of the map. You will complete the mission of a playing level. Immediately after that can start a new war at the next level. The difficulty also increases from there. Will have to fight enemies with superior abilities than before. Not only the numbers are larger, but also new enemies appear. Make the battle even more dramatic and tense. Requires the hero’s strength to be able to win the challenges.Download Crush Them All Mod

More than 50 power-ups

Go through each battle in Crush Them All Mod. You will collect a large number of gold coins. From defeating the demons, they will then drop gold coins. Use the money earned, which can be used to strengthen the hero. The game has more than 50 different power items to upgrade. Including forging weapons, drinking water, pubs, food, kitchens, beekeeping, … There are many other elements that can be upgraded to increase strength. Through the money collected and accumulated in battles. Gradually you will unlock all the power items. Over time, it is possible to upgrade to the maximum. However, it should be noted, that the amount to use in the next upgrade will increase. It costs you quite a lot of gold coins.Game Crush Them All Mod

System of Heroes

Explore the diverse character system in the role-playing game Crush Them All Mod. With lots of different heroes that can be recruited. Includes heroes Luka, Kasumi, Monki King, Voodoo Dagger,… and many more. Each hero has its own unique strength. Shown by the amount of health, attack power, and defense ability. At the same time, they represent different elements. Including elements of water, fire, darkness, … Similar to upgrading items to increase strength. To enhance the fighting ability of heroes. You can use collected gold coins to increase the level higher. Help the hero’s strength stats improve. From there, it will be easy to defeat the demons in the levels to quickly complete the task.Tai Crush Them All Mod

In addition to the story mode of Crush Them All Mod. You can participate in online battles. Accompany other heroes in the clan war. Attack together against the terrifying power of the monster boss. Beat them to win, and have a chance to get a large number of gold coins. Besides, you can create your own guild. Invite friends and other heroes to join. Then lead the clan members to develop. Make your clan the most powerful big clan.

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