Crazy Defense Heroes Mod APK 3.6.4 (Menu, Shopping, Resources)

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As an auto-hit strategy game that has been very familiar to us for many years, it has been developed and created in different colors, but in general, an easy-to-play and accompanying gameplay. intense wits. Crazy Defense Heroes Mod is a game of weapons to prevent monsters from entering your base, many positions on the path they pass so that you can place weapons to attack, prevent. Prevent your arrival to destroy your base. These positions are the key to deciding your win or lose, it seems that you will shoot and destroy these monsters in any position, but how to set up and upgrade every key position. How to maximize the power is a difficult problem that the game poses for you,

Download Crazy Defense Heroes Mod – War Of Heroes

As a very accessible game, you will understand all the rules of the game through just the first few easy levels created by the game publisher. Easy to play but does not mean easy to win, the first stages will give you an easy experience, but only then the difficulty will increase gradually with the level of the game screen. The later stages will be more difficult, requiring you to put all weapons in the right time position as possible to reach the greatest power threshold to stop the monsters. The monsters now really want to occupy your castle, just need to achieve a sufficient number of enemy soldiers to occupy your castle, you will have to accept this defeat.

Crazy Defense Heroes Mod

How to play Crazy Defense Heroes Mod

First, when entering each screen of Crazy Defense Heroes Mod, the game will show up different map maps with different gun locations. You will be able to place a few guns first to be able to stop the early waves of soldiers, destroying monsters will give you an amount of gold equivalent to their power. Destroying larger monsters, the more money you will get, which means their stamina will be stronger. Use these coins to be able to fully equip the weapons that the location of the map allows you to use, after all, are equipped, upgrade them to produce powerful shots. Destroy more powerful and stop monsters easily. In addition, you can use your champions’ cards to obstruct them.Crazy Defense Heroes Mod

Graphics and features of the game

The graphics of Hack Crazy Defense Heroes are designed under the 2D game platform, giving you a smooth feeling with extremely high entertainment. You will get retro-oriented designs like the old games, when every game becomes so colorful, sometimes the minimalism becomes special. The details in the game are also done in a very animated way, giving you the most entertaining gaming moments. Besides, the game also has interesting features to give you the best experience with the system of hero cards that you can collect through purchase services or quests. Each different hero will have different power thresholds as well as a variety of shapes and skins, collecting the strongest generals just for you.

Game Crazy Defense Heroes Mod

With the unlimited money feature of the Crazy Defense Heroes Mod game, you will experience a very useful feature for you in the battles. You will get an unlimited amount of money for you to freely spend everything, regardless of your budget. Once your money is in full, upgrading or buying and selling everything will be easy. When everything has become the optimal power of the game, the positions you place will be less important, bringing you closer to victory in every game screen, this mod feature is the assistant. It is very powerful for you to win this game easily.

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