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Shooting-themed games always give every player an exhilarating experience. In particular, each game title will have its own gameplay. Built with different content, styles, and features. Here, you will be involved in the shooting war of Cover Strike Mod. By category, it’s an open-world action game. Take place in the style of team fighting. Even more interesting, the game is played in offline mode. You can completely play for free without connecting to the net. Allies and enemies are controlled by intelligent AI technology. However, the graphics are still designed based on 3D. Recreate the environment, footage in the form of high-quality 3D images. The control system is quite easy to use.

Download Cover Strike Mod – Fight With Your Teammates Against Terrorist Forces

Based on Cover Strike Mod’s campaign mode. You join the fight with the support of another gunman. Join them on a counter-terrorism mission. Destroy enemies in level battles. Here, the campaign mode is divided into several chapters. Each chapter opens up a lot of different levels. After completing the task of destroying the enemy in each battle. Go through all the levels in one chapter. Then the system will unlock the next chapter. With tougher challenges. For example, it would have to fight a larger number of terrorists than before. Their fighting ability is superior. Requires your shooting skills, and your strategy to achieve high efficiency. Win matches to become a legendary shooter.Cover Strike Mod

Team Battle Mode

In addition to Cover Strike Mod’s campaign mode. The developer also provides a team battle mode. Here, you team up with 5 gunmen. Join the battle to compete with the opposing team. Real-time combat takes place extremely dramatically and intensely. Only when the time is up will the team fight stop. Throughout that process, the targets of the gunmen of the two teams will attack each other. The gunman who loses his life will be revived at the original starting position. Then continue to fight with teammates. After the end of the fight, based on the performance achieved between the two teams. The team with the most kills wins. To be the winning team in team battle mode. Force your team to achieve better results than the opposing team. From there, there is a chance to receive many bonuses.Game Cover Strike Mod

Combination of skills and items

Cover Strike Mod gameplay in real-time. The battles take place in an expansive style. Can move freely, fighting in his own style. Therefore, skill is a very important factor. Despite team fighting, you can’t depend on your teammates too much. It is necessary to continuously improve the experience, and improve skills. Combine observation and accurate shooting. Kill enemies quickly, before they attack. Also, use support items intelligently. For example, use the first aid box to heal when needed. Throw a grenade to create an explosion that can deal massive damage. But it should be noted, that they are limited in number. Only use when absolutely necessary, that will bring greater efficiency.Download Cover Strike Mod

More than 20 guns

Currently, Cover Strike Mod owns more than 20 different guns. Typical guns are M4A1, AWP, Gatlin, AK47, and many more. They are designed based on real-life army guns. The design is very detailed and detailed. Their ability is expressed in damage, rate of fire, size, and reload time. These are the parameters of the guns. Each type of gun will have its own parameter. As well, there are different advantages and disadvantages. Take a close look at how they work. Use the right purpose in each situation. You will be more effective at killing enemies. However, to own a favorite gun. You need to use gold coins or dollars to buy.Ear Cover Strike Mod

Coming to Cover Strike Mod you will feel the drama of a shooting war. That’s not just shown through the gameplay. But also reproduced in 3D graphics. The most obvious is the picture. Sharp quality, true-to-life images. Combined with the environment, scenes in the war. Along with the first-person perspective brings visual observation. The control system is simple and easy to use to perform combat action. Along with that, it is impossible not to mention the sound quality. The sound of footsteps when moving, the sound of bullets when shooting. Gives you the feeling of enjoying the battle in a very realistic way.

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