Cover Strike Mod APK 1.7.46 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Shooting games are now no stranger to players, all types of shooting are thoroughly creative, Cover Strike Mod is also an FPS game that will have many people. Play as you compete against each other but also have their own differences from other shooters. The game developed by Free Actions specializes in providing free action games, experience the game you are transformed into a warrior to form an army of brave men gathered brave people who go as much as they can to lose their lives. Destroying those enemies are the bad guys. Enter in a huge map through intense battles, intense gunfights, see if you can afford the goal of becoming a winner or not you will have to try to know it.

Download Cover Strike Mod – Join the Devastating Battle

Cover Strike Mod will send you to a large map with friends forming a team to fight enemies, dangerous terrorists armed with weapons, and ready to fight if they see it in danger. dangerous. For those who need to unite to equip guns and ammunition to plan a battle, always go together to support when in danger, a unified team from defense to attack must be all. the carefully calculated group performed correctly to destroy the insurgents and take at least losses to destroy all the enemy troops. With many different constructed battlefields, the player’s task is to destroy all the enemies that appear, you enter the game, you are brave soldiers who do not hesitate to sacrifice, even though it is raining bullets. ,Game Cover Strike Mod

Always be the one who carefully uses strategies to defeat your teammates without sacrificing your teammates, winning these battles will have more fierce battles, the difficulty will increase you also need to coordinate with your comrades must also be more and more perfect, the rebels that terrorize them can hardly turn their heads very aggressively, use all means to destroy you so be careful. Maybe the matches you feel happen quite quickly but not too difficult for you to catch up with it I think you can do it, the battle will be fierce but it will pass, and you will be the winner.

Teammates Working Together

This Hack Cover Strike shooter has the highlights that playing Offline does not need to be connected to the network, so it can be played anywhere anytime, network waves are no longer a problem, on teammates who will protect you. Support, as well as help you cooperate to fight to be able to complete the mission, are pre-installed characters. When playing you can not underestimate these people, they are all veterans with many victories, holding all kinds of weapons to fight, they are extremely wonderful warriors who have countless experiences. experience, it takes a bit of a fee to increase the chance of winning.Cover Strike Mod

Countless Weapons

With a shooter like Cover Strike Mod, the guns are definitely indispensable, with the weapons that can be considered giant, the common guns used by soldiers in the army are also powerful. In the end, your team’s victory or completing a mission can depend a lot on the weapon. You can try to shoot to see which gun is good for you, suitable for each specific terrain to give insight, if you can use the right weapon, then victory will have a chance, all they can all cause enormous damage.

Money is an amount of value that no game does not have, with Cover Strike Mod, the more important it is when you have Unlimited Money, it determines a lot of the task completion when you can buy for the character. Your best equipment, items in the store, items that you will have to accumulate for a long time to buy can now be purchased. Or with this version having Guns Unlock all guns that this game is designed for, they are all collected by you, a huge arsenal of guns with all kinds of genres at no cost, what you need is Try your best to calculate matches for completing the best quest possible.

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